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  1. Holly

    Mark Griffin.... Thank you

    I’m not either Lou
  2. Holly

    Mark Griffin Loses Battle with Cancer

    Mark was astonishing. I worked with Mark on a near daily basis for six years in Vegas and then for about two remotely and although I left the sport in 2014, he and I still spoke regularly. He was this very rare mix of professional, relaxed, renegade, passionate, stubborn, creative...
  3. Holly

    Mark Griffin -- Not Long to Live

  4. Holly

    TAR Live Today USBTC 8-Ball (Bustamante vs. Deuel Right Now Great way to start the day!
  5. Holly

    17th Swanee this weekend Live Stream

    This weekend, Feb 23-24. Live from Hard Times Billiards in Bellflower, CA. The 17th Jay Swanson Memorial 9-Ball Tournament. LIVE STREAM of 192 of the best players including Shane Van Boening, Francisco Bustamante and Dennis Orcullo plus two time consecutive winner, Alex Pagulayan (can he make it...
  6. Holly

    CSI Response to ABP Points List and Recent Announcement

    With AZBHousepro's permission, below is a link and copy of a press release by CSI that was posted on Oct. 2nd. CSI Responds to ABP Press Release and Supports BCA CueSports International, Henderson, Nevada (September 28, 2012) –CueSports...
  7. Holly

    BCAPL Adds New Singles Division at Nationals

    Hello All, in case you didn't get the chance to read the release on the AZBilliards home page, CSI announced yesterday that we are adding a new Leisure singles division to the BCAPL National Championships. Our goal is to again expand opportunities for players of varying skill levels the...
  8. Holly

    CSI Tunica Open Events 8-Ball and 9-Ball July 20-25

    Being held alongside the 1st Annual Southern Classic at Harrah's Tunica being produced by Diamond Billiard Products
  9. Holly

    US Open 10-Ball Championship TAR Scheduled Today

    Today is the last day of the 4th US Open 10-Ball Championship at the Riviera Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. TAR will be live streaming the last 4 rounds. They started this morning already at 10 am Pacific Time with the match between Dechaine and Busty on the one loss side. Run don't walk to...
  10. Holly

    US Open 10-Ball Entries coming in fast

    US Open 10-Ball and One Pocket Player Update... In the past 6 days alone we have received 27 entries for the US Open 10-Ball Championship. There are only a handfull of spots remaining in the 96 limited field $25,000 added event being held May 14-19, 2012 at the Riviera Hotel & Casino. The US...
  11. Holly

    2012 World 10-Ball posponed Just in case folks haven't read it yet.
  12. Holly

    US Open 10-Ball and One Pocket Late Fee kicks in April 9th

    We are taking entries now and just wanted to notify players they have through April 8th to avoid the $50 late fee. 13th US Open One Pocket Championship details: 4th US Open 10-Ball Championship details...
  13. Holly

    Qualifiers Scheduled US Open 10-Ball and One Pocket Championships

    Every year CSI, working with a few poolrooms around the country and Tony's Robles Predator 9-Ball Tour in the NYC area, schedule US Open 10-Ball and US Open One Pocket qualifiers. CSI does not run these directly, the room owner or a room representative does within guidelines from CSI. The spots...
  14. Holly

    Photos from the 19th USBTC

    Just completed the media gallery upload. Thanks to Andy Chen, Bob Beaulieau and Cali-Red.
  15. Holly

    Litte Random Stats from the recent US Bar Table Championships

    Here are some cool little factoid stats from the 19th US Bar Table Championships which concluded last Sunday in Reno at the Grand Sierra Resort. I'll have the event media gallery up tomorrow afternoon on site. Including the following events: Open / Men's 10-Ball, 9-Ball and...
  16. Holly

    Fun Quotes from the TAR stream chat at the USBTC

    So far my favorite TAR chat quote of the day is: 12:00 boradriver: swing it you suspender wearing pimp commenting on a 3 ball long bank combo to pocket the 9 :) Go to for all the fun! The next three days will be as they say a serious hum-dinger get it's...
  17. Holly

    19th US Bar Table TAR Live Stream

    Reno is rocking! The TAR Stream is up, the CTS brackets are up. Grab a snak and a comfy seat and enjoy a great week of pool of the 19th US Bar Table Championships at the Grand Sierra
  18. Holly

    US Bar Table Championship online entires excepted till midnight Sat.

    Due to recent updated processes within CSI we are now able to take US Bar Table Championship entries up till midnight, Saturday 2/11. go to After that, only on-site entries will be accepted (10-Ball up till 10 am Monday / 9-Ball up till 10 am Wednesday and 8-Ball up till 10...
  19. Holly

    Pool Players Helping to Build Lives - Western Women's Charity 9-Ball Challenge

    Here is the link to the entire story on the front page of AZB, however I've also included below the section about how everyone can participate and help. The Annual Western Women’s Charity 9-Ball Challenge to benefit the Shade Tree is...
  20. Holly

    US Open 10-Ball and One Pocket Web Pages Up

    The web pages have been completed for: 13th US Open One Pocket Championship (May 10-13, 2012) 4th US Open 10-Ball Championship (May 14-19, 2012) Included on both pages are the following: 1. A web based eMag of the Player Welcome Packets and entry forms (download to print) 2. Link to the list...