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    Cliff Thorburn on Hendry's YouTube channel

    Yeah Cliff is great! Spoke to him at length at the PanAm in Toronto.
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    If I had to put money on it, I don't think any system would work on a snooker table. Cushions square up or slide that whatever math you try to do, it might not be accurate enough to actually intersect with the object ball when you have 72 square foot of real estate. On a pool table the diamond...
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    World Seniors Snooker Championships

    Too bad for Vito, but man Tony can still play! Great game.
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    World Seniors Snooker Championships

    Starting on Wednesday: and there is a Canadian (Vito) in the mix this time.
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    Things That Make You Go Hmm !

    Contacting a cushion almost eliminates the shot-to-nothing. (no more role up to a baulk color after making a great long pot) So it becomes a negative to make the ball. So not that simple as it changes a lot of the rest of the game as well!
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    Mushroom Tips

    Akshually..... Most pros play almost every shot with some side spin (AKA english). It really makes life complicated so it is not recommended for amateur players as the throw and squirt make it really difficult to make the shot. In pool the pockets are much bigger so is much more forgiving than...
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    Mushroom Tips

    It's all personal preference. Here's a good summary:
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    World Snooker Championship 2023
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    Ronnie O'Sullivan
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    Players Championship 2023

    Judd out too. Not a high quality match against the captain
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    The Welsh Open 2023

    Ronnie's up
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    The Welsh Open 2023

    Ronnie knows better, but for the reading audience if you look closely he could not hit the red full ball, there was another red covering the red in question. However, reds cannot be called snookered behind other reds, hence Ronnie was judged to be able to hit a red "full ball". He won in the...
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    German Masters 2023
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    German Masters 2023
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    German Masters 2023
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    Snooker Shootout 2023