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  1. JesseAllred

    Shawn Putnam kicking my butt

    Congrats to Shawn on his 2nd place in the US Open. Came across this video of him from the 2002 Reno Open and uploaded it to share how he played back then. My first big tournament and I was nervous playing him. I ended up in 13th place. I...
  2. JesseAllred

    Mr. Martinez's Magical Method

    I had the opportunity to play Rafael Martinez some one-pocket Friday. We gambled for five hours and it was amazing to watch how focused he was. There was a crowd watching us and taking pictures of him. He never took his eyes off the table and only said several words the whole day. I've never...
  3. JesseAllred

    she started the trash talking first!

    my wife has never played me while I was using only one arm, I've always played her two handed because she plays well enough to have beaten me in a few tournament matches and we've always been very competitive in everything we can make into a contest. But, last night after she got home from a...
  4. JesseAllred

    Life is Good

    Was messing around on my table last night and wanted to share this one-handed behind the back runout. I was trying to run five hundred and twenty seven that way, but that second break always seems to come up dry. :D The King even played this...
  5. JesseAllred

    Win a pool table, Swimming pool, patio set, etc...

    My new video is out with Family Leisure. They are giving away a prize for sharing the video on facebook, liking their facebook page and leaving comments on the video. Comment for your chance to WIN a POOL TABLE, SWIMMING POOL, PATIO SET, or PLAY GYM. Winners choice! Repost this video on your...
  6. JesseAllred

    a cool new table buying guide video

    I saw a new video by Andy Prefontaine with some excellent tips on table selection and thought it was a great idea and a cool video. Check it out and I'm sure they would appreciate any comments. He's related to Steve Prefontaine, the best distance runner ever and one of my heroes. Here's the...
  7. JesseAllred

    a great new table buying video guide

    check out Andy Prefontaine's new video, I really liked it and I'm sure they would appreciate any comments on their youtube video. Here's the link:
  8. JesseAllred

    With A Little Help From My Friends

    There's a post someone put on about my youtube channel and I was looking for some help promoting it. It's easy to do if you have a moment. Click on the link below, click on the up arrow next to the title to move it up, make a quick name, maybe a short comment and that's it. Clicking...
  9. JesseAllred

    ESPN SportsNation pool video

    they showed a video of mine on ESPN today. I gave it a title of "world record" for one-handed speed pool, thinking there wasn't any other videos out there of anyone doing it, now I'm wondering if there is. I'll have to make another faster one in case...
  10. JesseAllred

    It Feels Good To Be A Hustler

    wanted to share my latest video. one-handed, behind the back 10ball kick pool. And for those who say it's impossible, you're right!
  11. JesseAllred

    I want to know

  12. JesseAllred

    Two cues are better than one...

    ...when running out one handed. Made a new video with a cue in each hand and wanted to share it, let me know what you think. You can visit my youtube channel to see more, I've got about 20 of them. Cheers.
  13. JesseAllred

    Kamui tip water drop test

    There's a really cool new video showing a water drop test on a Kamui tip and another tip. It's enlightening and hopefully I wasn't the only one laughing when they put the drop on the "other" tip. here's the link:
  14. JesseAllred

    One-Handed vs Nineball Ghost

    I was messing around with the nineball ghost last night and was surprised at how much I've improved after running a few racks in a row. Here's the video link:
  15. JesseAllred

    new one handed video

    the new one handed trick shot video. let the shameless self-promotion continue! mwahahaha Happy August nights to all of you!
  16. JesseAllred

    preview of new video

    here's a preview of my next trick shot video. if anyone has an idea for a shot they think is impossible and want to dare me, I would appreciate the challenge.
  17. JesseAllred

    humor test with funny pool video

    I just saw a pool video that I thought was hilarious, wanted to see how many people agreed with me. Is this video really funny, or have I lost it?
  18. JesseAllred

    videos with my sponsor, Kamui Tips

    Made a video using a tip from my new sponsor, Kamui tips. These tips are unbelievable! I was blown away by what a difference a great tip can make. Here's the link to my new trick shot video.
  19. JesseAllred

    one handed 14.1 video

    Made a video on vimeo to try it out of some one handed straight pool runs. I was going for a new high run, but didn't quite make it. Here's the link Please let me know of any editing or setup improvements I can make.
  20. JesseAllred

    newspaper article about me

    Our local newspaper did a story on me. It's on the internet also. Check it out at this link: Let me know what you think.