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  1. Buster8001

    Tim Scruggs cue

    It's only original once. If you want $500, I'd give it to you right now.
  2. Buster8001

    Cue maker signatures

    As always, Bob, your craftsmanship is top notch. I've always been a fan.
  3. Buster8001

    Cue maker signatures

    One of the main reasons I just sold my Jensen cue. Mike's signature was a turn-off from the day I received it. And, why add quotes around a date? ("2019")
  4. Buster8001

    "Filipono" closed bridges vs standard closed bridges

    I use the flexed closed bridge, even though my hands are thick and my fingers are short. lol. I just feel much more grounded with that pressure.
  5. Buster8001

    "Filipono" closed bridges vs standard closed bridges

    Pictures for reference:
  6. Buster8001

    Tim Scruggs

  7. Buster8001

    Tim Scruggs

  8. Buster8001

    Questions about stroke...

    First, a little about me. So, I'm not a complete slouch on the table. I bounce between an 8 & 7 APA 9ball, and I'm a 7 APA 8ball. I'd say a C+ player; I'm a threat to run out, have had several in-match. Now to my question: how does one develop the type of stroke wherein it never appears as...
  9. Buster8001

    WH Micarta rounds/ferrules

    FS: Vintage Westinghouse paper micarta rounds/ferrules. I've sold a good bit of this stuff here and on FB, mainly in blocks. I've had several requests for ferrule blanks and or to have the slabs milled round. I took some of my private stock and milled them with my abundance of time during the...
  10. Buster8001

    Who's building prongs?

    Anyone besides Prather building prongs, nowadays? Anyone in here interested? My father is building some nice cues, lately; but, he is not equipped for points just yet. I'd like to find a 4pt prong with veneers in my favorite colors from which he could build me a cue. He's built a few Prather...
  11. Buster8001

    Joey Bautista sneaky player

    I have some new cues coming here shortly, so I need to make some room. Joey Bautista player. 2 shafts with old micarta ferrules - one milkdud, one triangle both around 12.75mm. Straight together and apart. Around 19oz. The cue has only been used in my home. There is some bluing to the shafts...
  12. Buster8001

    GC 1 Tangerine Skirts

    Figured I'd post here, as I know most mechanics collect parts. If anyone runs across a donor 9ft Brunswick Gold Crown, I'm looking to purchase a set of the tangerine skirts. I'll cover all shipping expenses, as well.
  13. Buster8001

    Gold Crown 1 Tangerine Skirts

    Like the title states, I'm looking to purchase a set of original Tangerine skirts for a Brunswick GC 1 9 foot table.
  14. Buster8001

    Let's see those luxury components

    Just snapped this picture and thought I'd share. Anyone else have any out of print, discontinued, or rare components to share? Post them up! List: Blue Mountain linen, vintage WH micarta slabs (big enough for joints), red & silver acrylic rings, Cortland #9 & #15 linen, and a block of...
  15. Buster8001

    Jackpot Cues

    Just received this rep message: Because a new builder either wouldn't know or wouldn't care about the movement of wood. Have you watched the videos of KCC hogging off inches of wood per pass on his mill? Secondly, everyone who HONESTLY purchased a jackpot cue was scammed. I rest well, thank...
  16. Buster8001

    FS: Westinghouse Ivorite Micarta stick

    Up for sale is some of my last ferrule sticks of micarta. After this, I only have large blocks from which I plan to cut joints and ferrule blanks. So these two are the last two sticks I'll be selling. Stick 1. 16.61mm thick and over 2.8in long. Plenty for two full sized ferrules. Perfect stock...
  17. Buster8001

    Scruggs sneaky with delrin butt cap.

    Anyone have a line on a Scruggs sneaky Pete with a delrin butt cap?
  18. Buster8001

    GC 1 questions

    Thank you JV and TFT for all your help so far. TFT, it appears the ball box info is on pg. 16 of the install guide, but the guide you posted stops at pg. 14. Here are the pictures of my boll box where you can see the gap with which I'm dealing: Those are all the original brackets -...
  19. Buster8001

    Blues & Browns

    He worked in the Mottey shop from 93 until around 02. Said he had his hands on a lot of different cues around those times. Here are some pics of the cue:
  20. Buster8001

    Need some red tip pads

    Anyone know where I can purchase, or have any red tip pads for sale? Thanks in advance.