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  1. chuckpilegis

    New cue cabinet

    When I moved a few years back I couldnt get 75 dollars for it. I left it at the old house.
  2. chuckpilegis

    shaft protector

    I was going to post pm SSDiver2112 as he has a pic of the collet in one of his threads Otherwise I have used the rubber material for fridge magnets and also asked my wife for some elastic ribbon material and cut to fit
  3. chuckpilegis

    SBE question

    Could have been,long time ago.Just remembered going there and it was at Valley Forge
  4. chuckpilegis

    SBE question

    Did you know that one year they had a second SBE at Valley Forge in August or late summer
  5. chuckpilegis

    IT HAS BEEN SPOKEN FOR ON MONDAY Free Metal Lathe for installing tips etc

    Cant beat it for tips ferrules and jps,better than my cue lathes
  6. chuckpilegis

    SBE question

    I think the first one was in Secaucus.Not really sure, but I do remember riding up the Turnpike to get there. Valley Forge was better than the Oaks I liked the 2 yrs at Raritan center in NJ because at the time I lived a few miles away
  7. chuckpilegis


    I too am getting old and wanted to try a cf shaft. I sold 3 ob classics that I was not using for 600 and bought a Jacoby Black and A Cuetec Cynergy. Stll had a couple bucks leftover. For me not much difference between wood and cf.
  8. chuckpilegis

    How to clean the leather wrap?

    I had some lizard wraps that did dent really get dirty. They just started to feel like they were drying out
  9. chuckpilegis

    Any risk converting a radial Predator Vantage to a 5/16 x 14

    What would they do? Drill then tap for insert
  10. chuckpilegis

    I will have this in my head forever now

    I think I remember a L shaped table at the first SBE in North Jersey 30-40 years ago
  11. chuckpilegis

    Sharpshooter Cue lathe

    Another one I made with taig parts and scrap 8020 years ago. I had it behind my midamerica large bore
  12. chuckpilegis

    Sharpshooter Cue lathe Made this from taig parts long time ago
  13. chuckpilegis

    Bumper identification? Alternative for an extension?

    If thats 3/8x16 then Jacoby makes a bumper and extension that would probably fit.
  14. chuckpilegis

    Wanted: 5/16 X 14 Butt Only
  15. chuckpilegis

    Wanted: 5/16 X 14 Butt Only

    It means in the late nineties Joss made a limited edition for predator. I know because I was going to buy one
  16. chuckpilegis

    Wanted: 5/16 X 14 Butt Only

    I thought the older precat butts were made by falcon and the first le preds were made by joss
  17. chuckpilegis

    Wanted: 5/16 X 14 Butt Only

    How about something like this. I dont use it much but it looks nice with a cf shaft
  18. chuckpilegis

    Super Billiards Expo, Did you go?

    Do you remember the first in north jersey, Liked the ones in Valley Forge the best,they even had one in August one year.A few years back they had it in central jersey and at that time was only 15 minutes away from my home. Moved and retired now I have missed the past 5 years
  19. chuckpilegis

    ferrule material

    Cue was made about 15 years ago