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  1. aquaurchin99

    Wrapless PFD Studios

    Ebony front and back. 6 curly maple points (3 high and 3 low), reversed in the buttsleeve. Curly maple handle. Blue, magenta, and black veneers. Blue acrylic with aluminum and silver ringwork. White is elforyn. 29 inch butt, 30 inch shaft. 3/8x11 pin. Butt: 15.9oz Shaft 1: 4.05oz, 12.75, Moori...
  2. aquaurchin99

    Pete Tonkin!

    Beautiful Tonkin for sale! Camitillo rosewood, joint and buttcap are juma, inlays in the rings are elforyn. Cue is in very good condition. 58 inch. Butt: 15.1oz Shaft 1: 3.7oz, 13.1mm Shaft 2: 3.9oz, 13.2mm PRICE DROP! $2065 shipped CONUS! PM me!
  3. aquaurchin99

    Bender. Sale/Trade.

    Mike Bender for sale or trade. Ten points of holly and bacote into a forearm of gaboon ebony. Solid bacote buttsleeve. Six positions of Mike Bender's railroad cross stitch ringwork of ebony and silver. Smooth black leather wrap. Cue is in decent shape overall but the finish is chipping on one...
  4. aquaurchin99

    Pool Table

    My dad surprised me by saying that he could potentially buy a pool tabe for our house. There is a pillar of our house in the room though might make it difficult. The room is definitely long enough. 23 feet. But the pillar seems to be right in the way. The distance from the front of the pillar...
  5. aquaurchin99

    Gambling Advice.

    This might have been discussed somewhere but I just need a little advice. I've been racing a friend of mine even for a while. Usually we end up evening it out but last night I ended going up over $200 on him. He keeps wanting to up the money cause he's down. Like 5 for $50 and stuff. We started...
  6. aquaurchin99

    Preflag Masters.

    I have about 60 blue preflag masters for sale. $100 shopped obo. I have a photo somewhere I can text if necessary.
  7. aquaurchin99

    Todd Sweed. Does anyone know anything about a cue maker Todd Sweed? I was offered this cue in a trade and I don't really know what to think of it in terms of value, quality etc .
  8. aquaurchin99

    Carolina Custom and Meucci Gem 2

    Looking to sell or trade these two beautiful cues. You can send offers (cash or trade) by PM. The first cue is a Carolina Custom. Butt is 14.65oz, shaft is 3.3oz and about 12.75mm. The Meucci butt is 14.05oz, both shafts are around 4.7oz and 12.75mm. The Meucci has a custom elephant...
  9. aquaurchin99


    I have an older Josswest and had a couple questions. Should I get it refinished? It is in decent shape but it does have many dings and bumps and stuff throughout the cue (granted it is 40 years old). One shaft is old stock micarta and the other is ivory. What is the value of the cue now, and...
  10. aquaurchin99

    WTB Cheap Uniloc Butt

    Looking for cheap uniloc butts. Under $100 preferably. Let me know what you have. Need 2 or 3.
  11. aquaurchin99

    Help Valuing a Predator Cue

    How much is this Predator P2 valued at? It's in decent shape, 80 to 90%. Just need a quick estimate for a friend. And also is this a limited edition? Thanks for your help!
  12. aquaurchin99


    What is a limited edition P2 worth? My friend has a dark stained maple one and he wants to know what they are worth now.
  13. aquaurchin99

    Mezz WX900

    I'm a relatively young and new player. Just trying to find what shaft suits me best. I've been playing with a 314-2 recently, but a lot of my friends that are better than me are using smaller diameter shafts. I realize that you don't need a smaller diameter shaft to be a good player, but I'm...
  14. aquaurchin99

    WTB Uniloc Butt

    Looking for two cheap uniloc butts. Only leather or wrapless will be considered. Post or PM what you have. I need to know weight and price and condition. Doesn't have to be in perfect shape, but don't want something all beat up. Must be approximately 29 inches as well.
  15. aquaurchin99

    WTB Predator

    I am looking for a cheap wrapless or leather cue with radial pin and 314-2 shaft. Will not consider any other pin or shaft. Must be in good condition. Weight must be about 19. With a small weight bolt preferably in case I want it a little lighter. PM what you've got.
  16. aquaurchin99

    Fantastic Omen For Sale

  17. aquaurchin99

    Diveney For Sale!

    Beautiful Diveney for sale. I'll let the pictures do the talking. Weight is about 19. The photos show 4 shafts but I am going to sell this cue with 3. Cue has a radial pin. All shafts are 12.75. One is Lakewood with a brand new G2 medium tip. I took the photo before it was retipped. The other...
  18. aquaurchin99

    Help identifying a cue.

    This cue belongs to my friends dad. Don't have any information about it. If anyone could help identify it that would be great. Don't think it's anything too fancy but you never know.
  19. aquaurchin99

    Unknown Custom Jump Cue

    I am selling this unknown custom cue for a friend. Don't have any specs on hand, I'll have to hunt my friend down for them. The cue is beautifully constructed, and the ringwork looks awesome. The shaft is made of BEM. It's really a cool little cue. This cue has been used as a masse cue and...
  20. aquaurchin99

    Predator Air For Sale

    I've got am original Predator Air for sale for a friend. It's not in the greatest condition. It has several bumps and bruises. Still rolls straight and still jumps as the Predator Air should. I don't have the cue with me at the moment, but I can email a couple photos when I get the chance to...