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  1. matcase

    New 1x2

    [/URL][/IMG] I dig it
  2. matcase

    golf weather in the daytime

    URL=][/URL] enjoy the sunshine too
  3. matcase

    gtoovey compact 2x2

    I like a 2x2. Doesn't take tons of space, easy to put your hands around. 9 in. pocket on mystery braided, natural colored strap, no buckle. look ma, no hardware for closure fleece lined, suede sleeves for shafts
  4. matcase

    ribbon of life

    new stuff....lots of curves and angles. I dig it:) more pics added below
  5. matcase

    just the bear necessities mowglie

    nothin you don't need here. easy to pack 2x4's Interior on the brown one is #8 duck canvas and muslin, black one is all leather from bovines and swines. very well made.
  6. matcase

    make a few, take a few, and then belt a few

    Belts that is...Make a few belts, take a few belts, and then belt them in with a few beautiful Schons...Schon means beautiful I hear Time well invested; the return was 100% happiness.
  7. matcase

    a celtic 4 leaf clover

    4 leaf clover knot, blue sea creatures surrounded by good old rust, and pinstripe cuts on the back. gotta be lucky eh?
  8. matcase

    Honor thy Mother

    Happy Mother's Day. We are proud to have a day designated to recognize those who are such an important part of our lives. The kids just left, and the wife is cryin......and it could not have been a nicer day for our Blondie. I hope all of yours was as nice.
  9. matcase

    A plain one...pretty much

    Simple, these are a joy to carry. Classy, Yes.
  10. matcase

    the sleeves

    One of my all time favorites "nuthin up my sleeve" - Bullwinkle J. Moose Here are some of the sleeves that are on the plus side of happiness to me. Much respect and love for the attention these and other makers dedicate so that we can play with the best. In the top photo 2nd from left is my...
  11. matcase

    Thread about stitches?

    This is a thread about stitches, specifically stitches that are sized to look like stitch rings. These things all go together so well, it has to be cool. so sew good.:grin:
  12. matcase

    A trippy trip

    They say life is a journey. Some in the light, some in the dark. And the more green you got the more in the black you stay....smell the flowers along the way and don't get burned. checkered ala gunstock and some of our favorites
  13. matcase

    braz. into braz. $ full splice

    Gotta new Cash cue Brazilian into Brazilian rosewood Davis blank 4 point maple, black, teal, maple veneers, piloted ivory joint ld shaft. What a beautifully made fantastic playing cue. as is often the case, It looks even better in person. I love it.:wub: blank was made from rosewood...
  14. matcase

    cash I got.

    Got this sweetie recently. Davis blank Cash 5 veneer. The only other full splice cues I had hit with before have been a titleist and a couple old palmers; they were butt heavy (still cool just butt heavy) This one is balanced beautifully. Very very nice to play with, and as much cool factor...
  15. matcase

    Let's see those: Josey Cues!!!

    here is mine It is one of my treasures.
  16. matcase

    Josey custom

    I received my Josey about a week ago. IT's the nuts. 3 hi 3 lo ebony into birds eye perfectly proportioned and spaced points. Keith obviously pays much attention to wood selection as tall points are just a bit blacker than the short ones...excellent contrast. Pics in Gallery section. Ivory...
  17. matcase

    Josey 6 point spliced

    Here are a couple of pictures of my new Josey custom. 3 hi 3 lo ebony into birds eye, lizard print leather wrap done FLAWLESSLY, ivory inlays accented by smaller ebony inlays with silver dots. What's that Stevie Ray song...She's my sweet lil thing, She's my pride and Joy. Double white...
  18. matcase

    colorful avatar

    colorful flowers of sorts.
  19. matcase

    greek to me

    If they had a pool table in the Accropolis they may carry their cues in this. :)
  20. matcase

    ebony or not really?

    I was at a store and the employee had a special edition mcdermott that had this very black handle area. I asked if it was ebony and the guy says it is. I could see no grain under close inspection. I looked it up on the computer and McDermott web site says reconstituted ebony. What the hell...