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  1. iowa_player

    Priced to move >>> Custom Jacoby / Hyb shaft & Org. Jacoby shaft 5.16x14 ss joint

    Priced to move >>> Custom Jacoby / Hyb shaft & Org. Jacoby shaft 5.16x14 ss joint Cue has been sold / traded thanks ! I have used this Jacoby for a few months now and honestly like the cue . I have won a few tournaments with it and kinda hate to sell it but bills have to come first . So if...
  2. iowa_player

    Happy Birthday pfduser !!!

    :happy-birthday: Happy Birthday my friend I hope you have a great day !!! :happy-birthday: Larry
  3. iowa_player

    Happy Birthday Pooldawg8 !!!

    :happy-birthday: Happy Birthday my friend hope you enjoy your day !!! :happy-birthday: Larry
  4. iowa_player

    For sale or trade > Predator precat 314 shaft 5/16x14

    ***************** SHAFT HAS BEEN SOLD THANKS ***************** Picked this shaft up the other night at the pool hall . It does play well and moves the cue ball with ease but it is just to thin for me to play with so I'm going to offer it up here for sale or trade . It is a Predator precat...
  5. iowa_player

    Happy Birthday To Keith McCready !!!

    :happy-birthday: Here's wishing you a very happy birthday and many many more to come ! :happy-birthday: Larry
  6. iowa_player

    Putting someone in a tournament ???

    This topic came up last night at the pool hall just wondering what your opinion is on this ? If you put someone in a touriment and they win do you split the winnings 50/50 or does the backer get the entry fee's back then split whats left ?
  7. iowa_player

    Happy Birthday Rubyron !!!!

    Happy Birthday my friend ... Hope you enjoy your day !!! :happy-birthday:
  8. iowa_player

    Do they make Predator soap ?

    Holy blue hands batman :eek: I played pool for around 30 mins. and my hands looked like I had been playing for hours . Went in to the restroom washed my hands and 20 mins later they were blue again ! I put the Predator chalk back in the case and went back to green Master chalk . I don't think...
  9. iowa_player

    Happy Birthday Rossaroni !!!

    :happy-birthday: Happy Birthday my friend hope you enjoy your day to the fullest !!! :happy-birthday:
  10. iowa_player

    WTB Jacoby Heavy Hitter or Edge Break cue !

    Would like one in good used condition please pm me with what you have . Thanks ... Larry
  11. iowa_player

    Predator org. Z shaft radial thread black collar - 4 Trade

    I have an org. Predator z shaft radial thread black collar in very good condition . I think the tip on it is the org. tip that came with it . The shaft hits good and gets plenty of English with very little effort . I'm open to all trade offers . Particular interest would be a break or...
  12. iowa_player

    Shane Van Boening on Bullying

    Shane Van Boening reflects on his childhood experiences being bullied all the way through high school. It was this personal rejection that drove him to the family pool hall and made him in to the champion that he is today.
  13. iowa_player

    Vintage Suede It's George soft case for trade !!!

    ************* CASE HAS BEEN TRADED **************** Cleaning out the closet and fond this case I forgot I had . Its in good used condition but missing the shoulder strap . I'm open to any offers might even trade it for some of that fancy chalk ... Blue Diamond , Predator or Kamui ...
  14. iowa_player

    New Black JB Cases Basic Rugged 4x8 For Trade !!!

    **** case is sold thanks ****
  15. iowa_player

    Happy Birthday Jam !!!

    :happy-birthday: Here's wishing a very happy birthday to one of azb's finest !!! :happy-birthday: Hope you enjoy your day to the fullest ! Larry
  16. iowa_player

    Kamui,predator,bluediamond chalk. Who sells it and whats the going rate ?

    If you have any for sell please post or pm your price . If you know of a good sale or site please post your info . Thanks ... Larry
  17. iowa_player

    Happy Birthday AKA Trigger !!!

    Enjoy your day my friend :happy-birthday: Best wishes ... Larry
  18. iowa_player

    Trade for pool related item > Apple iPod Touch 4th Generation 8GB - Model MC540LL

    ********** TRADED *********** I have hade this sitting around and never use it so I thought I would offer it up here on azb for trade for a pool related item . Apple iPod Touch 4th Generation 8GB - Model MC540LL It is in like new condition on the front with some surface scratches on the...
  19. iowa_player

    My TAR dvd collection for trade !!!

    ****** SOLD THANKS ****** TAR dvd's for trade all dvd's are original purchased from TAR and have only been viewed 4-6 times each . They come in the provided dvd cases from TAR . Very good matches and commentary . Shane vs Alex round 1 - 10 ball race to 21 dcc 2008 Shane vs Alex round 2 -...
  20. iowa_player

    Target Pool For Trade !!!

    Was reading a thread in the main forum the other day about Target Pool . I rem. that I had one somewhere. Once I found it I posted in that thread I would trade it for another pool related item . WoW I had no idea how many offers I would get for it ! Everything from a Mcdermott sneaky to a...