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    Installing 860 Diamond

    Good afternoon I've watched all the videos on installing 860 on a Diamond Glue method.Everything is pretty clear about what glue and measuring tools and so forth the one thing left out of all the videos was the nap of the roller So what nap is best for installation.
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    Carom cloth preference

    A little help I have 5 9ft Gabriels being installed this week what make cloth/color do you prefer we are undecided and getting mixed reviews from the locals much help would be appreciated
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    Looking for a 9ft Brunswick Metro

    Title pretty much says it all looking for a Brunswick Metro delivered or shipped to Atlanta Ga.
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    Snooker Pocket Restoration

    We have a Thurston 6by 12 snooker I'm looking for someone whom can replace the leather I have the irons your help or recommendations would be much appreciated
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    CL Bailey Rails Needed

    I'm looking for 9ft CL Bailey rails Ebony finish Addison .The table is no longer available CL Bailey has none hoping maybe someone here may. Thank You
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    Carom / Billiards Table Wanted

    I know this is not the wanted section but I figured I would get the best response knowing mechanics know where everything is. I need a 10ft Carom table for a pool room here in Atlanta.If you have one or know of one for sale for commercial use please contact me.Thanks
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    Mechanics Needed Nationwide

    Cranes Billiards Service is looking for experienced billiards mechanics to join our installation network delivering new pool tables and game room furniture across the Us.If your interested PM me or email.
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    Pool Tables w/Furniture Delivery $$

    Just wondering a lot of you work with retailers to set up there pool tables.You have a standard charge for the set up,What do you charge for the add on's like card tables,pub sets etc..
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    Parts Help Please

    I need a side casting for a Kasson Aurora and drop pockets for a Kim steel.
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    Hightower Lathe For Sale

    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD HighTower Deluxe 2-Chucks on head stock Foot control Need to get pins & collet. Call for more details. George 404-849-6817 Kennesaw Ga
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    Help with turni suggestions.

    Here's the scoop! A friend has asked me to start a turni at his local bar every thursday night. Start time 8pm Equipment 4 7ft bar box with forestman circle cue balls The game optional 9ball,8ball, or 10ball No jump shots period... Short race, Double elemination race to one on looser...
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    Brunswick Resto Parts Needed

    I have a Anniversery and a Cent both under restoration.I'm looking for the company that has parts.I can't remember the name of the supplier.Thank you for your help...Parts needed leg trim.
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    HighTower Lathe For Sale

    HighTower Mid Size Lathe purchased 8 months ago.Used it maybe 10 times.Paid 1700.00 will take 1300.00 Pm and I'll give you the owners contact info. "Small Chuck"
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    Kasson Part needed.

    I need a side pocket casting for a 9ft Kasson Aurora.
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    Live billiards Atens Greece

    Go to Click on People Efron Live Billiards
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    Durabiltie question

    I'm trying to complete the design of my next cue.The question is I want to use snakewood for the points and for the butt of the cue rather then having a butt cap will it work just to extend the snake wood and round the edges of the wood to the rubber bumper.I'm concerned about cracking.If it is...
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    Having a cue made

    I'm tring to figure out what woods I want used in my next cue.I'm think of using snakewood in the points and from the rap down.Joint material Ivory with a G10 pin.I don't want a high gloss finish I'm thinking of a satin more or matted finish.Will the snake wood polish well.
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    Banning Fun In Lilburn Georgia

    Lilburn Georgia has banned Pool,Poker and Karoke from bars that serve beer.Only passive entertainment allowed like watching T.V.
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    Olhausen Brunswick thread

    What facts do you or anyone else have that Olhausen cushions out preform and out last Brunswick cushions other then because Olahausen's web site and Donny says so.I have a few Brunswick's any where from 40 years old with original cushions to fairly new Gold Crowns and the cushions are fine.I...
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    Do Phenolic tips damage pool balls

    I spent some time at the Viking Turnament in Duluth,While I was there I herd complaints about the condition of the pool balls mainly the cue balls being damaged.I want name anyone but the complaint was that phenolic tips where damaging the cue balls and causing players to miscue.Has anyone else...