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  1. leehayes

    Starting an APA Masters league in Gastonia NC on Wednesday nights

    Hey if anyone is interested we are starting an APA masters league out of the Rockhouse Tavern in Gastonia NC starting this Wednesday. Play starts at 7pm. We have about 20 good players and are looking for a few more. If you have a team or are looking to join one contact me. You can either...
  2. leehayes

    Entire collection for sale. Everything I have pool related going

    SOLD, SOLD, SOLD, SOLD, SOLD. SOLD. I have posted here a picture of everything. I am asking sold for everything. This will include everything...down to the league patches. As for cues. Top to bottom are as follows. Tex sneaky(recent refinish), Mystick 60", Tiger Impact break cue...
  3. leehayes

    Tex Sneaky....yes I said TEX!!

    Hey all. I have quit pool and am in the process of getting rid of all of my pool stuff. Up for sale here is a Tex sneaky pete. Kinda fancy. Typical Tex ring work. One shaft, no wrap. Wood is bacote. New moori medium tip. Was refinished after I got it by a local maker. He did a super...
  4. leehayes

    Purple heart set. Player, Break and Jump

    Hey all, I have quit playing pool and am getting rid of all of my pool stuff. So, here is a TNT purple heart set. This is one killer set. Ebony, bacote and purple heart. The player has an OB classic pro shaft and has a screw in extension. The break cue has an identical butt to the player...
  5. leehayes

    Tiger Ice breaker. barely used

    Hey everyone. I've quit playing pool and am getting rid of all of my pool stuff. So, here is a barely used Tiger Impact Break cue. Weighs about 19oz. I saw one on here on special for $365 and I am askin sold shipped. Paypal fees extra. Thanks Lee
  6. leehayes

    Sideways JW merry widow..amazing player

    Hey everyone. Thanks for looking. I have decided to give up pool completely and therefore am selling all of my pool stuff. For sale here is by far THE BEST shooter I have every played with. I was told this came from a guy who had it from it refinished then sold it. I got it from a...
  7. leehayes

    Lambros merry widow...gorgeous. Ultra joint

    Hey everyone. I have decided to once and for all give up pool and am selling everything that I have relating to pool. For sale here is a 2012 Mike Lambros with the ultra joint. Incredibly highly figured coccobolo and nicely figured birdseye maple for the butt. Ultra joint. 2 shafts right...
  8. leehayes

    LTB Lambros long extension

    I am wondering if anyone has a Lambros long extension that they are willing to part with. I have the short one that came with my cue but it isn't long enough for a lot of the shots I need the extension for. Coccobolo would be nice but I am not as worried about the wood as the length. Let me...
  9. leehayes

    Kamui Black vs Triangle

    I'm wondering if someone can help me with a decision. I just got a new cue yesterday. It has a triangle tip on it. Normally I play with a Kamui black medium. Will changing to a Kamui black medium from the triangle make a significant difference in the way the cue feels? I have already...
  10. leehayes

    Does anyone have a 1x2 nylon JB case they want to sell?

    just what the title says. I'm looking for a 1x2 nylon case made by JB with the ultra pad interior. Also want at least a long pocket and a strap. Thanks
  11. leehayes

    Looking for a 1x2 with an ultra pad interior

    Title says it all. I'm looking for a 1x2 with an ultra pad interior. It needs to have a strap(preferably detachable) and a pocket long enough to fit an 8" extension. Let me know what you have. Thanks
  12. leehayes

    Fury EV-5 #2 of 100

    Hey all, I have a used Fury EV-5 European edition that I am looking to sell. It's in great condition. No dings or dents that I've been able to find. It comes with 2 shafts. One Predator 314-2 with a new Kamui black soft tip installed and an original fury shaft. This is an extremely...
  13. leehayes

    Nick Varner Joker 2 jump cue

    For sale is an almost unused Nick Varner Joker 2 jump cue. I got this at the SBE in 2009 and only used it a few times so it's basically new. No scratches dings or anything. It's a nice jump cue and either less than 6 ounces. As you can see it comes in three pieces. I'd like to get $sold...
  14. leehayes

    Bebot Bautista cue set

    Hey everyone. I have a set from Bebot Bautista up for sale. The cue is a very attractive set that includes 2 roughly 13mm shafts, a nicely figured butt that I think is bocote, a screw in extension, a jump cue and a really nice set of joint protectors. The butt weighs 14.5 oz and the shafts...
  15. leehayes

    Help me identify this pin

    Hey everyone. I have this cue and don't know what pin style type or size it is. I initially thought it was a radial but it sure isn't a standard radial. I had a cue maker look at it and he said he'd never seen one before. Any help would be appreciated.
  16. leehayes

    Brunswick Gold Crown III for sale

    I hate to do this but..........earlier this year I bought a mint condition Brunswick Gold crown III in beautiful condition. The guy I bought it from died and I got it from his sister. He paid $6500 for it when it was new. I got the table, a set of centennial balls, a nice matching 4 bulb...
  17. leehayes

    WTT Tiger X shaft or OB1 shaft for OB classic pro

    I don't have any pictures but both of these shafts are perfect except for some bluing. Tiger has a sniper tip and a black collar and is radial pin. Not used for very long. The OB1 shaft has a brown collar and a Kamui black ss tip. It has the 3/8 x 10 pin...I think. I'm pretty sure. Anyway...
  18. leehayes

    where to play near Lincolnton NC

    Hey all. My wife and I are moving to Lincolnton NC in a month or so and were wondering where there are good places to play. Lincolnton is just north of Gastonia and about 30 miles west of Charlotte. I will be looking to also find a (god forbid) a league team or two. Any help is appreciated.
  19. leehayes

    LTB a LD shaft for a Bebot cue

    I have a Bebot Bautista cue with two horrible shafts. I really like the balance and feel of the butt and would like to put a laminated shaft on it but I can't find one due to the weird radial pin Bebot uses. Does anyone have a shaft for one of his cues that I can get?
  20. leehayes

    How do I identify a TEX cue?

    Hi everyone. I'm going to look at a cue that a guy has for sale that he says is a TEX sneaky pete. Is there a way I can identify this cue as really a TEX cue?