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  1. CTYankee

    WTB - I have $300 for a cue... what do you have?

    Looking for a cue, and it cannot exceed $300 shipped. Wishlist for specs: Forward balanced Wood joint Wrapless 13 mm shaft (or very close) Weight 18.5 (or very close) Custom or production is fine, and I would prefer a sniper tip. Please post pics. This is for my wife, so it does not have...
  2. CTYankee

    Tensing Up

    I have been working on staying loose during more powerful shots, but still occasionally fall into the old tensing up routine. Does anyone have any tricks they use to keep their arm muscles loose on those long draw shots, break shots, and stronger shots?
  3. CTYankee

    9 Ball - Really as bad as everyone says?

    Do not misconstrue my title... I love 10-ball but I also enjoy 9-ball. But I think 9-ball has gotten a bad rep that is not totally deserved. In this posters limited and humble opinion, it is the length of the race that has made 9-ball the bane of the billiard world. In a race to 15... the...
  4. CTYankee


    Testing 1234
  5. CTYankee

    Taper roll - Poll

    A friend of mine noticed a taper roll in my cue last night when he was messing around with it. It does not seem to affect my play at all, but he tried to argue that there is negative impact. Tip and joint still stay flush to table when rolled... so what are your thoughts on the subject?
  6. CTYankee

    WTB: Decent 57" cue

    My Frey needs to get some work done to it, so I need to buy an interim player. I need a 57" cue with an 18" or so balance point. Show me what you got. Thanks, Greg
  7. CTYankee

    Strickland is the man!

    Strickland takes US to 8!
  8. CTYankee

    Mosconi Break

    Peach just got called on not having 3 balls pass the headstring... this new break rule is making people crush the rack!
  9. CTYankee

    What did I do? Hill-Hill against someone that usually kills me. I was feeling good until adrenaline got the best of me on the 8, and I ended up here. Both ball are snug to the rail... I line it up... take the shot... and I am in a world of pure joy as the 9 ball...
  10. CTYankee

    (WTB) Frey Sneaky with Wrap

    Looking for a Frey with linen wrap. Used but good condition would be ideal... show me what you got :)
  11. CTYankee

    Phenolic Tips Legal Where?

    A friend of mine asked me yesterday, if the pros are allowed to use a phenolic tip in any of the major tournaments. I told him that I assumed not, but was unsure. Any help on the matter would be appreciated.
  12. CTYankee

    WTB: Arnot Break Cue

    Used one a couple days ago and liked it alot... but not so much that I want to spend $400-$500. Let me know is you have one and what you want for it. Thanks in advance.
  13. CTYankee

    Lifting weights and pool

    Do any of you serious players lift weights? My wife finally got me the weight set I have been dying for, but I know even a little soreness will throw off my pool game. Any advice on minimizing the damage to my pool progress?
  14. CTYankee

    Lifting weights and pool

    Deleted... wrong forum... sorry.
  15. CTYankee

    Stress: The Silent Pool Killer?

    Work has been beyond hectic of late, and that stress seems to be following me to the pool table. Do you guys see a serious plummet in your ball control when other things in life are not going smoothly or does experience overcome this fault in my game? I assume, like most sports, you can get to...
  16. CTYankee

    Orlando - Pool Hall?

    My wife and I are heading to Orlando in a couple of weeks, and she has expressed interest in going to a pool hall. She has never been, so I would love a recommendation for a clean, upscale type in the orlando area. Thanks.
  17. CTYankee

    Advice: Speed Kills

    Let me qualify my question with my pool "status": I have only been playing regularly for about six months. I play and practice every day, and have seen some great improvement in that time. I am able to consistently park whitey on the break... can consistently pocket balls at medium power or...
  18. CTYankee

    My Wife Could Go Pro

    This is not a bash at women's pool. The only women I have really seen are the best of the best on ESPN. Today I was watching this match Is this indicative of the lower teir women pros or just two people having a bad day...
  19. CTYankee

    Leather Tip for Jump / Break

    The group I play with has banned all non-leather tips. So what do you find to be the best of the leather tips for a Jump / Break cue? I posted on another forum which recommended Tiger's break tip, but I would love to hear everyones opinion here.