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    FS: ebony + ivory Richard Black !!!!

    Hi all, I am helping a friend sell his Richard Black. All white is ivory including the ferrules. 2 x 12.8~12.9 shafts, both played. Cue is at least 90% condition, couple very minor blemishes on the forearm and butt sleeve, very hard to see.
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    Review: Cue made by Craig at Full Splice Billiards

    I ordered this cue from Craig (Manwon) about 3-4 months ago. Before that I had seen many examples of Craig's cue here on AZ and in person; needless to say I love the man's work and his style, so, I decided to buy one. Long story short, the cue was constructed from an old Brunswick one-piece...
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    WTB: Whitten case

    I am looking for a 3 x 6 Whitten case with both 7" & 15" pouches in new/like new cond. thanks in advance
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    WTB: Predator Logo Uni-Loc Joint Protectors

    like the title says :smile: