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  1. Razor03

    Diveney Sneaky Pete ivory joint Feel free to txt questions if the eBay listing doesnt help 9288146170. Thanks for looking.
  2. Razor03

    Thoughts on BK3

    Looking at getting a new BK3. I have owned 2 BK2 but wanted to get some opinions on the 3 or possibly other suggestion on break cues. I use a 5280 right now due to the demise of my BK2s. Thank you ahead of time for the suggestions and thoughts..
  3. Razor03

    QB Custom review

    Just purchased a QB custom cue a few days ago and it is phenomenal! It is one of the four cues from the ice pick series. This cue is beautiful and is some of the finest quality I have ever seen in a cue. I ordered this cue primarily as just another custom to add to the growing collection of...
  4. Razor03

    QB Custom Cue Review

    Edited this please see other post not sure why both posted when the first never showed up till now sorry I'm a noobie when it comes to posting!