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  1. purpdrag

    Funny pic/gif thread...

    That was my analysis. You can see the broken off top of the base under the front of the car. Must have been moving pretty fast to snap it off and move 4 feet forward before the top dropped in.
  2. purpdrag

    Funny pic/gif thread...

    All true. I also thought it was a great and memorable movie. Only downside is that ever since I watched it, my butthole tightens slightly every time I hear dueling banjos. I like dueling banjos so that's a shame.
  3. purpdrag

    Funny pic/gif thread...

    Cool to see this longer version, but I first heard a version closer to what Korsakoff posted. Only heard it once about 40 years ago. Always remembered it. For me, this is how it goes. One bright day in the middle of the night Two dead boys got up to fight Back to back they faced each other...
  4. purpdrag

    DCC Field Sizes? (and stories)

    I just checked out the DCC web site for the first time since the tournament and I like the detailed payout charts. Love seeing how the different players stacked up in each event. What I'm really curious about though especially since I am considering entering in the future is what were the...
  5. purpdrag

    Longshots in Charles Town, WV

    Hey all, I'm on business in Martinsburg, WV and considering heading out to Longshots in Charles Town to play a few games tonight around 7:00 PM. Anyone in the area who may want to meet and play a little? I'm a 7 in APA and probably about a B- on average if that matters to anyone. I'll play...
  6. purpdrag

    Where to get a new spot/dot?

    I have a pretty standard sticker style dot to indicate where the head ball of the rack should go. My daughter picked at it and started to try to peel it off before I could stop her and now I cannot make it go completely flat again. I need a new one and do not know the easiest/cheapest way to...
  7. purpdrag

    Joe Tucker's League Thread?

    What happened to the thread Joe Tucker started talking about starting a semi-pro type league mostly on the East coast to start? I even did a search of all my posts since I had put a response in there and it didn't show up on the list. Looks like the thread was removed but I can't imagine why.
  8. purpdrag

    Congrats to JCIN (Justin Hall)!

    2nd place finish 9-Ball Banks at the DCC. Nice job!! I had no idea you played that strong or had a past 9-ball banks victory.
  9. purpdrag

    World 9-Ball Championships - who's going?

    Anyone know any US players that are going to the World 9-Ball Championships in Doha, Qatar? Looks like a well run tournament with lots of added money: I would think it would be a stressful and expensive trip though. Also, even after reading through the...
  10. purpdrag

    DCC 9-Ball Banks payouts?

    I've searched around and can't find the payouts for the 9-Ball Banks. Does anyone know what they were or how to find them on-line?
  11. purpdrag

    Instructor List

    I thought I read recently in one of these threads that there is a pool instructor list by region somewhere on here. Now that I am looking for it I can't find it. Either way, if there isn't such a thing I am now considering some lessons and I live in Northern Virginia. I haven't committed to...
  12. purpdrag

    Brunswick GC II move and setup needed in Northern VA

    Here are some pics and a crude drawing of the issue I had with the triple shims.
  13. purpdrag

    Brunswick GC II move and setup needed in Northern VA

    Anyone here have any good recommendations for me? Anyone familiar with Kevin Higgins (Pool Table Guy)? He set it up for me when I bought it and did a pretty good job but hasn't returned my phone call or email. I'm curious to know how he might compare with others. This table is a bit more...
  14. purpdrag

    Why won't my new avatar show on my posts?

    I've been meaning to ask about this for a while. A long time ago I changed my avatar and then a week later changed it again. The new avatar is within size limitations and still shows whenever I look at my profile, but it won't show on any of my posts. No matter what I do, it still only shows...
  15. purpdrag

    What cue case for 2 cues + Predator Air Jump cue?

    Hi. I am looking for recommendations for a new cue case. I've read some reviews and I like the cushioning and snugness of the Sterling and JB cue cases. And I subscribe to John Barton's philosophy that the primary job of the case should be to protect the cues. I want something that has a...