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  1. tonov12

    Table help

    Oh nice! I didn’t know that! Thank you for the info!
  2. tonov12

    Table help

    Oh nice! I’m closer to the NM border which is why I’m having more difficulty finding something worthwhile. It’s tough out here in the sticks haha. I’m resigned to the fact that I’m probably going to have to travel a couple hours to get something I’d love so that’s not an issue. I’ll call Gary in...
  3. tonov12

    Table help

    Do you have an opinion on which table would be a better choice? Olhausen and Connely are available in my area and at my price point but I’m not sure which is a better overall table
  4. tonov12

    Table help

    I’m in the market for a table in my family room. I’m in a rural area in southern Colorado so the options are really limited. I have $1500 to play with so that pretty much eliminates Brunswicks and Diamonds. By the reading I’ve done it seems my next best option would be a high tier Connelly or...
  5. tonov12


    In BCA leagues is it considered a concession of a match if during the course of said match you break down your cue? I swear that I've read that somewhere but can't seem to find it? Am I imagining things? Thanks:confused:
  6. tonov12

    chipped ferrule

    What effect does the ferrule actually have on the performance of a shaft. I recently purchased a shaft and the ferrule has chips in it. Looks like possibly from a tip change but I don't really know. Is this going to effect the performance of the shaft or is it strictly a cosmetic issue...
  7. tonov12

    WTB OB classic 3/8x10

    Looking for a used OB classic shaft that will fit a 3/8x10 pin. Let me know what you have and the cost. Thanks;)
  8. tonov12

    Cuetech pin

    I've been looking to get my BIL a new shaft for his cuetech cue. He's not liking the "stickiness" of the fiberglass shaft. What the heck kind of pin does a cuetech have? And why is it so hard to find a shaft that fits them? I'd like to get him a predator, tiger or some other nice wooden...
  9. tonov12

    Looking for Predator 5/16 x 18

    Hey all, just looking for a predator shaft for my father for his b-day. He likes the Pred shafts and I was hoping someone could help me out. Trying not to spend more than $100 for it if possible. Let me know. I'm also in the market for a Pred/TigerX/Ob-1 shaft for my brother in law's...
  10. tonov12

    Help please, Rules question

    Okay, last night we ran into an interesting scenario in our BCA league. This is week 4 of the league and we are new at running a league. Anyway, this is what happened: A 3 handicap player is playing a 1 handicap guy. The 3 breaks, proceeds to make 3 balls then accidently pockets the 8...
  11. tonov12

    Got my New Varney!!

    Okay, so I got my Varney player yesterday and just had to go out and give it the run through.;) To start off, the pics just didn't do this cue justice. It's stunning in person. Since I'm not a fan of Irish Linen, Kevin did a great job sealing and pressing it to mask the feel. Thanks for...
  12. tonov12

    Starting a new league

    Okay, I know most of you have been around for awhile so I wanted to get some advice on starting a new league. I live in a small town and there are a few decent players in the area. A local bar owner and I are working on getting a "real" league started and wanted to tap the wealth of info on...
  13. tonov12

    What makes a good case?

    Just out of curiousity, what do you think constitutes a "good" case? I had a 2x4 "cheapie" that recently broke and wanted to purchase a new one. I see that you are all fond of Instroke, Justis, It's George and so on but at this point I can't justify the cost of said cases. Is there a cheaper...
  14. tonov12

    Got my new Varney J/B

    Ok, received it today and couldn't wait to go play with it. Made it down the the local pub and busted a few racks with it. All I can say is...AMAZING! Of course, I have no experience with any other break cues, but I can't believe the design of a cue can have that type of impact. I've always...
  15. tonov12

    Have meucci's improved?

    First off, hello to all. I've been lurking here for a while now and decided to make my first post. Unfortunately, I had already ordered my Meucci before I read all the negative info about them. The one thing that I did notice is that most of the negative comments were posted nearly a year...