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    Fedor over Bergman

    I'm joking but the way he playing it would be an interesting watch what do you guys think?
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    Fedor over Bergman

    I think Shane and Dennis is hiding, will someone please pull them out from whatever rock they're hiding under hehe
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    Total size of a 9-foot pro-Am Diamond table

    Can someone tell me the full size of a 9-foot diamond billiard table I know the beds 50 by 100 I'm looking for the total size, thanks for any help
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    FS: 9ft Diamond PROFESSIONAL Table With Light/Balls Asking $2000 Lebanon,TN 37087

    Sold!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you Wade
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    updated the irc channels with weblinks

    hello i updated the irc channels with weblinks so people dont have to install a irc the link the original post.. here are the updated weblinks to get you to the irc channels thank you guys...
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    Opened a couple irc channel

    i open a couple irc channels on efnet...... #azbilliards and #pocketbilliards come join in on the fun..would like to get enough ppl there so ppl could get live help / Q & A and posting of live streams and action,,if you never used irc you can install mirc or icechat then connect to the efnet...
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    jacoby jump cue WITH (extended handle)

    looking to buy a jacoby jump cue WITH (extended handle)..not looking for any other jump cues,.,and must have extended handle.PM me with your price and the color and if it new or not.Thank you
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    Alex Brick dymondwood jump break cue like new

    sold with trade
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    Alex Brick dymondwood jump break cue like new

    sold with trade thank you
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    world cup matches are uploaded :)

    here a link for the ones that didnt see the matches all ready i think he updates daily and his channel is good for when the MC is on also :)
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    why would snooker player come to pool ?

    i often wonder why snooker players would come to it because they cant make it as snooker players or is it something else. here a link to the top 10 paid in snooker last year 10 starting at over 100k usa to 500k usa being number 1. here a link to the players and pay...
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    action room

    how to get where you can view the action room..i use to like to see who matching up and stuff..thanks for any help
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    wtb a Predator BK2 with sport wrap

    i have been looking around on ebay at them.... and on ebay and they are around 339 for a new one....with the new bk3 out thought i might find a used one at good here with price..must be straight and weight somewhere 19 oz thanks..i also have a Alex brick jump/break i can trade for...
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    Question about 314 1st gen original shafts

    hello i have a couple pictures of 3 original 314 of the 3 has a longer Ferrule.they all are stock Ferrule but the one on the left is alittle longer then the other 2 shafts and I was told the one with the longer Ferrule is worth more.they all play thinking about selling one of...
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    WTB 9Ft Diamond Pool Table

    hello im looking to Buy a Good used 9 ft Diamond Pool Table trying to find one in the Tennessee Area if possible..Please PM me here with a Price..thanks