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    Sold Jensen Hoppe

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    Sold Fedunka Cue

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    Predator BK Rush+ Jump/Break w/Sportwrap

    Is it a Uniloc Joint?
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    FS: Amboyna burl and ebony...

    yep, broken link on photos
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    Sold Alamo Cues ~ 60" Cocobolo Sneaky Pete

    Pretty! Would you upload photos depicting how even the points are, please? Assembled balance point measured from the butt?
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    Sold ♦️Viattorre by Jackson Tan♦️

    Leather wrap or Irish linen?
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    Predator IKON - True Splice - Revo - Weston - Owen - Harris

    Tony Russell assembled balance point measured from the buttcap, please?
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    ROBINSON CUE, $2,500

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    Ebony merrywidow

    photos please
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    Sold Jerry Rauenzahn ~ Model 26 1/2 Titlist Hoppe Tribute

    Davis made beautiful full splice blanks
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    Sold Keith Josey JB

    joint thread?
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    Sold ** Colourful Ebony Jensen SW tribute **

    Was the balance point question answered?
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    FS: Amboyna burl and Ebony...

    From where does the cue ship?
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    Wrapless Mike Stacey Cue. Light play!

    Nice cue. Which joint pin, 3/8-10, 3/8-11, modified 3/8? Balance point measured from the butt?
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    Sold SugarTree

    Is it cored?