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  1. SKJoss72

    Another APA "situation" would like an opinion on

    Ok so I have a couple of situations arise during the past few weeks. APA 8 ball. the first one being; While playing a guy I freeze my ball to another one of my balls because of a "table roll" so a shot I often do is' to jack up my cue like 90 degrees with my bridge hand off the table in...
  2. SKJoss72

    The Earl Strickland story on SKY sports

    I read somewhere that this was supposed to be on tonight on SKY sports but I dont think I get that in my area. so does anyone know If there is a link that I can watch this on my computer or something thanks in advance.
  3. SKJoss72

    INfo on APA Masters div.

    So i was asked to join a Masters team, and I have looked on their web site for info. to no avail. can somebody fill me in on the format rules etc.? or maybe a link to this info. thanks
  4. SKJoss72

    Help With Predator BK2

    First I have had the BK2 for 10 years, and now the unilock insert for the shaft is comming out, I would like to know any suggestions how to fix it instead of taking the time to send it back. also does anyone know how long Predators warranty last?
  5. SKJoss72

    ok How to deal with not playing the same as we used to...

    So I have been playing like a complete retard and its getting to the point that I feel i am wasting my time any more... let me explain Well a couple of months ago. I competed in and won a APA singles mini event which is 1 step away from going to vegas. beating a guy who won the vegas...
  6. SKJoss72

    what kind of glue do i use on a ferrule that flew off

    so with the awesome timing that could only happen to me, I was playing in a singles board and I have to win 5-3 against a 5 (awesome) he's on the hill I need 2 more and i break make the 8 ball and my ferrule flys across the room and the cue ball flys off the table also such a great...
  7. SKJoss72

    Can I use a white diamond tip on my playing cue

    I understand this may be a stupid question and I have used the search feature: but curious as to if anyone has ever used this tip to shoot with not just as a break jump tip. I have an extra one lying around and my sneaky pete 's cue tip flew off last week and I need to put...
  8. SKJoss72

    An APA question for league operators....

    hi here's the deal I have been in the league for 12 years and feel that my playing skill are on the decline.. I am loosing my eye sight from work conditions and age. ( i need glasses and been too busy to get some) my question is: I have been a SL 6 for about 7 years now before that i had...
  9. SKJoss72

    Anyone near Reading Pa who does cue work

    Like installing tips and such I bought a white diamnd break tip and tried installing it like many other tips I have installed but did a number on my break cue. just wanna leave it up to some with the right tooling
  10. SKJoss72

    What does this mean exactly "help an idiot"

    Now some Will consider this a stupid question but oh well. I need to know what exactly does "beating the 9 ball ghost" I mean cant we use regular english these days I am fairly new to the game by most standards and dont really gamble so maybe thats why I dont have a grasp on some of...
  11. SKJoss72

    need opinion on this :

    Hi all I have been thinking of using my collectors cue (Joe Balsis personally owned joss cue, given to him at his inducton to the BCA hall of fame) I have had this cue for several years now and have heard opinions on the value of it. anywhere between 2500-8k$ I feel somewhere in the...
  12. SKJoss72

    Break speed for android????'s

    Hi I just bought this for my my touch phone, and it seems to be working fine. but my question is has anybody noticed that there isn't alot of consistancy, example, I have a fairly hard break, hit 26 mph in vegas in 03. this maybe be a little less now as i put on weight, but I went...
  13. SKJoss72

    Opinion on Big (Cue) balls :)

    Hi I made the mistake of playing on another APA team this session, and well until this past tuesday I was doing rather well. I am a SL 6 (used to be a 7) and have had my ups and downs over the past few years. there is a post about all that on here somewhere. well this session i have been...
  14. SKJoss72

    Forsale JOSS "Joe Balsis" cue

    Hi i am new to these forums but have a beautiful, early 80's Joss made for Joe Balsis (straight Pool) and given to him for his induction into the hall of fame. I have the cue with loads of ivory I dont know how to load photos on here but there are a couple on another post I made trying to...
  15. SKJoss72

    Need advice As I used to be pretty good now I am NOT

    Hi my name is Scott this will be my first post in the forums except for trying to identify a cue. anyways, I am 38y.o. I have been playing 10-11 years, and when i first started I was the typical banger. it was when I heard someone make a sarcastic comment about this I decided to try...
  16. SKJoss72

    Help can anybody Identify a cue from discription or photograph

    Hi this is my first post My name is Scott and I will be on here more as I just came across this site while trying to find out what kind of pool cue I just recently bought. this story goes as this. A guy at the local pizza shop was selling what he said was a meucci a roling rock pool...