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  1. Flex

    15th ball is on the spot, what to do?

    It sometimes happens that a ball which has been spotted becomes the 15th ball. When that happens, how are the other 14 balls racked? Does the 15th ball stay on the spot, and the other 14 racked below it, as in a normal full rack, or is that 15th ball spotted on the head spot? Is the 15th ball...
  2. Flex

    New owner at Chicago Billiard Cafe

    This afternoon, the new owner (some 3 weeks now) at the Chicago Billiard Cafe said hello, and introduced himself. At the time, he was speaking with a former owner of the CBC (Augie) and was going over what needed to be done to make the CBC as it ought to be. Looks like they'll be recovering the...
  3. Flex

    A question for John Schmidt

    John, I just read in another thread that you prefer the OB-2 shaft to the OB-1. I'm really interested to know why you prefer it. Also, are you able to shoot shots with it that might be more difficult to pull off with the OB-1? If so, what shots are easier with the OB-2? I have an OB-1 but not...
  4. Flex

    Snapped Schon

    A friend of mine snapped his Schon right below the joint. It broke off about 2 inches below the joint. Is it possible to repair this, and if so, will the cue play well afterwards? What kind of repair would be done? Splice in a new piece of wood, then install a new joint? If this can be done...
  5. Flex

    Joint question

    I have a cue with a piloted 5/16X18 stainless steel joint, as in this picture: What I've noticed is that when I've screwed on any number of regular 5/16 X 18 flat-faced shafts onto it that the hit is a bit weird, and quite different from the shaft made for the cue. Is there a way to fix...
  6. Flex

    Balabushka look alikes?

    Can someone suggest a relatively inexpensive Balabushka-like cue? I like the looks of his cues and am interested in finding something that looks similar. Thanks, Flex
  7. Flex

    Action in Frederick, MD?

    Any good spots for cheap action in the Frederick, Maryland area? Flex
  8. Flex

    Looking for a high quality pool glove

    Looking for a high quality pool glove: one that will last a long time. I heard that Nick Varner makes such a glove, but can't find them online, and nobody I've seen has one. Which pool glove is the nuts? And where can it be found? Flex
  9. Flex

    Mark Wilson

    Does anybody have current contact info for Mark Wilson? My email to him at the address on his website bounced back, and the phone number shown there has been disconnected. Thanks, Flex
  10. Flex

    What do you recommend for a sealer or stabilizer

    What do you recommend for a sealer or stabilizer for a shaft that has been sanded down enough that the grain of the wood is now showing? One of my shaft's finish has worn off in a few areas and I'm wondering if WD-40 is a viable temporary fix. Thanks, Flex
  11. Flex

    2545 active users right now

    My gosh, there are 2545 active users right now... of whom only 181 are active members. Are there really over 2300 lurkers right now?? Sheesh... No wonder this thing is a bit lethargic. Flex
  12. Flex

    Ever seen or made a stippled stack leather wrap?

    I have an idea and wonder if anyone here has ever tried this or seen an example of it. Install a thick stack leather wrap, in whatever color desired, and then stipple the leather with nail sets, such as these: Afterwards, spray several coats of Proshine (can't seem to locate it online, but a...
  13. Flex

    Question about "penetration style" stack wraps

    Although I've looked at quite a few stack wraps, both online but especially on some beautiful cues, I have a question about how one would go about preparing the leather for a special "penetration style" wrap. If I wanted to produce one that was totally special, with various colors that remain...
  14. Flex

    What color stack leather wrap for an ebony full-splice cue?

    In your opinion, what color of stack leather wrap would look especially good on an ebony full-splice cue? The cue is the classic sneaky pete style. Thanks. Flex
  15. Flex

    WTB: 3X6 Oval hard case

    A friend is interested in an inexpensive 3X6 hard case, in an oval shape. It does not need to be new. He wants to spend under $75, including shipping. Please feel free to PM me if you have something available. Flex
  16. Flex

    What's so special about Ebony?

    What's so special about Ebony? Is it rare? Does it have special qualities that make it especially good for use as a butt? Is it any "better" than cocobolo for use in a full-splice butt? Is it inherently stable? Why should I want it in a cue? Thanks, Flex
  17. Flex

    Why is the forum running so slowly?

    It seems like it's taking forever to access pages. Who else is having problems? Other sites are popping up for me, with nary a problem. Is AZ going through another server migration (is that what it's called when they change from one server to another?) Flex
  18. Flex

    What is a "player"?

    I've heard the term "player" used from time to time, but can't say as I really understand what it means. Apparently it doesn't connote a particular speed, say shortstop, or A player, or B player, but it has to mean something. For instance a D- player wouldn't really be a player at all, right...
  19. Flex

    Cool avatar! Check out this custom pool table... Anybody know how to post a pic of someone's avatar?
  20. Flex

    Check out O'Terrill's in Atlanta - Free Pool and the Bum Bot

    I just came upon a story about an Irish bar that offers free pool. It's called O'Terrills and is in a rough neighborhood in Atlanta. The owner of the bar, Rufus, built a 300 lb., waist-high robot that has glowing red eyes, high powered spotlights, a high res video camera that can transmit video...