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    SVB/Chohan Updates

    21-15 Shane digital pool is doing live scoring here
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    It’s my bday 12/29

    Have a great birthday!
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    US Open (9-ball) 2021 Atlantic City Sept. 13-18

    Has anyone found a link to purchase spectator tickets? I'm striking out. Thanks for any help.
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    Oscar versus Johnny Archer today

    Where do we purchase the PPV?
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    Shane VanBoening wins 2015 Challenge of Champions

    Nice win for Shane. :thumbup: Lots more opportunities coming up in the next few months.
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    "The South Dakota Kid" The Shane Van Boening Story

    This video aired on South Dakota Public Television in early April 2014. It's biographical in nature and gives viewers a quick summary of his early childhood to 2014. His mother, Timi, and grandfather, Gary, are also interviewed. Thank you to Kyle Mork, who is the person who took the time to get...
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    TAR - everyone is ok at Side Pockets after tornado

    Building and vehicles damaged and power is out, but no one is hurt. Hopefully power will be back for the match tomorrow night. We will post more when we get back to the hotel, apparently more bad weather is on the way. Just have mobile phones for posting right now.
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    Shane VanBoening vs Francisco Bustamante PPV Link

    The link for the ppv is now up. The match will be Shane VanBoening vs. Francisco Bustamante playing 10-Ball race to 30. The match is scheduled to start at approximately Midnight tonight Eastern time. Price will be $15. Here is the Link to purchase. Here is the PPV FAQ
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    JAM Laptop fund using $20 IPT referral

    With the IPT paying a $20 referral fee for new members, perhaps we could find a trusted member to use as a base referrer and use the referral proceeds for a laptop and/or wireless broadband card. 75-100 referrals should cover the expenses for a moderately priced laptop and one year of wireless...