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    Shout outs to all the “Pool Dads”

    Ok so I’ll keep this short(hopefully lol) but after reading some posts and spending some time watching the junior events at the sbx I just want to give a shout out to all the pool dads. I’m fairly young(27) and my son is only 2 so I’m not a pool dad yet but I think it’s so cool when I see some...
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    I LOVE the Expo!!!

    I’ve been going now on and off for 15 years.i still and always have loved the expo more than any other event during the year. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to run considering I’ve run and currently run two tournaments and can’t deal with the drama as it is and I’m dealing with 64...
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    Calling ATLARGE

    I just wrote a huge perfectly edited thread and went to post and realized I wasn’t logged in and eventually it got accidentally deleted. Lol fml. So here’s the footnotes. I like to compare different peoples results using the peoples section especially regarding the same event year after year...
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    Dr Dave’s Reaction Video(racking/breaking controversy)

    First and foremost this has nothing to do with the actual controversy. I finally watched the short video after YouTube kept recommending it and I want to say how much useful knowledge and information is in that video!!! I have to thank Dr. Dave even if he had separate intentions on creating...
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    Bar League lol

    After about a 7-8 year gap off refusing to play any type of bar league I was recruited onto a team and I guess forgot all the bs involved and joined. Our home bar is the poolroom I play out of and work at part time and we have two diamonds. Because of my schedule I can only make certain nights...
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    Shane vs Shaw fake picture

    I apologize if this was brought up already in the other thread but I couldn’t go through it all to check. A guy at our poolroom looked into the picture and believes that the picture posted all over could not be the actual rack but maybe a recreation. He believes this because he took a screenshot...
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    Fargo rate correct predictions!!!

    I know there are mixed views and I see both sides and personally believe Fargo can be very effective for specific uses. One of them is seeing how players are "trending". I distinctly remember a thread within the last year or two that had around 10/20 players mostly euro tour guys and it compared...
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    Bergman vs Morra!!!!! Lol

    How awesome is it that these two are playing each other this deep in the US Open. These guys have history and bad blood to an extent and this should be a great match!!!! Hopefully they stream it which would be 10 times better(cough cough accustats cough)
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    U.S. Open-Toasty

    With all the chaos involved in this major tournament and trying to follow players we like it's easy for players to slip through the cracks so to say. As an American (and a regular at drexeline where Corey basically learned to play pool) I'm happy to see the old dog doing good and going strong...
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    Payouts US Open

    Anyone know what the payouts are at the open? I'm more wondering about the payouts on the lower end but if anyone has info on all the payouts even better! Thanks Barry
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    American straight pool championship

    The American straight pool championship is currently going on with group round robin matches. There's a great field of 48 players with world class talent and some classic American straight pool legends. Free stream on fb search diamond billiards Richmond va. Basically making the thread to...
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    Gotham city classic

    18000 added and a free stream. Has to be one of the best small scale events in the world. Upstate Al !!!!!!!
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    Serious question--- how does backing players make sense financially?!?!

    I've always had this question and I'm seriously wondering and looking for an answer so please keep this proper. I'm sure there's many qualified members to chime in so here goes::: why would someone back a player over the course of more than one match? Unless they win almost every time it can't...
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    Chohan V Orcollo October 5 –8

    Idk jay if I were Tony's camp I'd be pretty hesitant to bet against Dennis any time soon. Even tho Tony is by far my favorite one pocket player in a race to 40 against Dennis I don't think he has more than a 25% chance to win. I think the main reason he won the first match was in part to Dennis...
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    If I havnt stated it before I'm not the most tech savvy. I clicked on the box on the top right I think it says user cp ??? To see when I joined and a page came up that said reputation. Now I have no idea what this is about but it seems you can comment to people maybe privately for comments...
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    Justin Bergman--Mosconi Cup

    If Bergman isn't on the team somethings wrong because he's the only one outside of the top 10 worth considering so you don't have to make a judgement call chiseling between him and someone else because the rest of potentials are all in the top 10. The main reasoning is Justin should make the...
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    Accustats should consider Netflix

    After reading a thread about another streaming claiming to be the original Netflix of pool I got to thinking that truly is a good idea. im guessing years ago before YouTube accustats did well selling "tapes" lol(literally video tapes) but in today's day and age there's so much pool on the...
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    Turning Stone Stream

    I heard upstate al was streaming this as usual but I remember any stream al puts out is advertised in advance at least a couple days and I havnt found anything posted by al? Also today is the start of the tournament and still nothing posted? I truly hope al is streaming I love watching turning...
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    Conflicting mosconi points events

    I could be wrong, sorry if I am, but I believe turning stone and the Texas open are both mosconi points events and are obviously both this weekend. I understand the two events are thousands of miles apart but for the 10-20 pros fighting for the 5 spots traveling isn't as big a deal. It's just...
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    Bareball rules?(one ball)

    So me and my one pocket buddy were trying to play one ball and a few things came up that we were t sure what to do. Hopefully I remember every question but if not I'd like as much information as possible. sorry if this thread isn't for you but I'm seriously inquiring so please no sarcasm or...