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    TWO Beautiful TADS ......One 1 of 1 Carmeli

    I'm going to the show on Saturday. I want to sell all three cues. Call me to set up appointment and then I can tell you about cues and set up a time to meet. I bought each Tad for $3500 each. I bought the Carmeli for $2750. I want $3200 for each Tad and $ 2500 for the Carmeli. 315 9525969 They...
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    Hoppe professional cue

    Good condition four pretty points. Leather wrap with hoppe professional sticker. I can email pictures . I want to get idea as to what its value is.
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    Help with posting pics of cues for sale

    I have a tad, a Carmeli,a Palmer that are all in great shape that I want to sell. I just don't know how to post pics. In need of someone that can help. Thank you.
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    Tad model 41-1

    I have a beautiful tad for sale. This model has 4 points and five beautiful veneers. It has a green and white linen wrap. I bought it about 9 or so months ago from tattoo. We went through fast and loose escrow service. I will pay for this service again. I want 2900.00 for this cue. I can't take...
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    Beautiful TAD Clue

    Four Point, Five Veneer Fancy TAD Here is a beautiful TAD ! I bought this cue from Tattoo a few months ago. I'm sorry I have to sell it but I have to sell it. If you know Mickey you know his stuff is perfect. This Tad has four ebony points, with FIVE veneers, into a birdseye maple forearm...
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    tad cues

    I would love to see some unique tad beauties. I want to look at them. Possibley buy one or two or mayby you would like to by oone or two of mine. I'm shy so you'll have to get us started. Thank you.
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    brother and sister act, j n j black delrin cap and one stlye 41=4 in white also, the balck is unique according to fred kohara, want to sell both for $6500 no bs just two nice cues any interest?
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    WTB tads

    I'm interested in buying tads that are in great shape. They also need to be reasonably priced. Not a steal but reasonable.
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    wtb model 41 tad

    Will pay up to $3000 for tad model 41 in great condition..... I know I'm asking a lot but thought I would see what's out there.