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  1. Poolschool

    Antique Rosewood Butterfly 32" Blank (ebay)

    wanted to share....
  2. Poolschool

    Room Owners...

    How important is it to keep your tables in "professional" playing condition. I have seen a significant amount of rooms go belly up lately. It really is begining to concern me. The pool room is where it all begins... I have asked several people what they thought was happening and the common...
  3. Poolschool

    Website Ideas??? Cues, Accessories etc...

    Hello everyone I am working with a couple people that are building me a pool related website. I'll offer everything from production - custom cues, Tip acc's, cloth cushions, instructional dvd's, service work and so on. They keep asking me what I want??? How many pages... I don't have much...
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    Nice Cover 4 8'OS Pool Table <FS>

    I have a Pro Series Leatherette dust cover (Burgundy) for sale. New, old stock!!! Paypal Preferred... $40 shipped Priority within U.S.!!! Will fit 8.5' tables measuring 11 1/2" between rail sights. Nice, double stitched with nylon backing. The nylon keeps the cover from leaving the backing...
  5. Poolschool

    More 1 hole action

    Anyone watching this match? What a great display of skill by both players. This is shaping up to be a great match. Danny D needs to quite arguing with Piggy. I think Danny thinks he can take em... :) My moneys on Piggy
  6. Poolschool

    Live Bcn

    Is this guy trying to get in some finger pool action or what? I wouldnt take the last 4 :)
  7. Poolschool

    Live 1-hole 1 a.m. (Joyner/Bennet)

    I guess its starting now... Cliff Joyner and Kim Bennett. I like watching Cliff play. I got to know him pretty well last year. I drew him in a mini tournament and beat him race to 5-4 9 ball on a 7' Smart Table. I was playing way over my head. Cliff is a true class act and a hell of a one pocket...
  8. Poolschool

    Diamond in the "Chalk Off" Arena @ DCC

    Do any of you guys know if this is a Birdseye Diamond Pro? I remember a couple of years ago there was talk of a Cocobolo table at the US Open. I am watching via and the quality isn't the greatest. Its a natural table so I was thinking there may be a chance of it being Birdseye?
  9. Poolschool

    Table Mechanic (KY, OH & IN area)

    At your service... PM me if interested or have any questions
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    Sugartree Cue -\FS/- $900 FIRM

    I have my Sugartree playing cue up for sale. I am in the process of a job change and need as much cash as possible for security to my family until I am settled in at my new job. I was very hesitant to sell this cue but unfortunately you have to do what you have to do and you have to deal with...
  11. Poolschool

    Ivory Cue (1 - Day Auction) Ebay!

    Check it out, I have to move this cue. Someone will be getting a very well made cue for way too cheap!
  12. Poolschool

    New Pool Table (In or around Cincinnati)

    I have a few brand new pool tables for sale. $1000.00 ea. I'll try to see if I can get some pictures uploaded. Just thought I would see if there is any interest. Its a table distributed by Beringer in Canada, but it is manufactured in China. Not a bad table at all, for the $$$. 1" Brazillian...
  13. Poolschool

    Stuff for sale...

    Just follow the links to view some of the items I have for sale... Aramith Super Pro Kit... $160.00 Shipped Mechanics tool for antique (t-rail) pool tables... $20.00 Shipped Simonis...
  14. Poolschool

    Aramith 2 1/4" Snooker set $110 Shipped

    Aramith 2 1/4" Snooker balls. Play snooker on your regular pool table. This is for all of you snooker fiends.
  15. Poolschool

    Nice 2x4 Case <FS> $90 Shipped

    Nice 2x4 Case <FS> $80 Shipped Very nicely constructed case w/clean and durable stitching. Strap on top as well as a nice heavy duty shoulder strap. Looks much nicer in person compared to the pics. 2x4 with plenty of pouches to hold accessories, cell phone, cigs or whatever... One specific...
  16. Poolschool

    Predator BK2 $300 shipped *New*

    Predator Break Cues gives you more accuracy, more speed and more power. Predator's technology reduces the effect of human error in tip placement helping the energy to be transferred to the rack. The BK tip and ferrule are designed to maximize the cue ball speed off the end of your shaft. The...
  17. Poolschool

    Predator "Z" Uniloc -New- $245 shipped

    The Predator Z shaft is for the player who wants to take the next step in performance and likes a even more solid feel. It has a 11.75 tip diameter, a stronger taper, 1/2" ferrule length and Le Pro tip. Many available w/silver ring or w/o. $245 shipped Popular cues with a Uni-Loc joint...
  18. Poolschool

    New - Falcon TNT Break Shaft - $125 Shipped

    The concave shape helps to correct the contact position when the ferrule collids with the cue ball by allowing the curvature to help aligh the center of the tip to the intended hitting point on the cue ball. The phenolic material enhances durability and increase hitting feel for a more solid...
  19. Poolschool

    New - Falcon Shaft - FS - $100 Shipped

    Brand new Falcon shaft $100 shipped. Falcon cues have always had a decent selection of wood harvested for their cues. Their shaft wood is among some of the best in the business. I have a few shafts available for a decent price. Let me know if you may be interested. No ring $100.00 w/Nickel...
  20. Poolschool

    Tiger "X" Shaft (Partial) Special Price!

    Retails for $179.00 Please PM me for special pricing on this blank. Thanks! 13mm w/Aegis III and Sniper tip...