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  1. Joob1

    Sold Dzuricky Full Splice Wrapless

    PM sent.
  2. Joob1

    WTB - Molinari Glove

    If you would have taken an extra 10 seconds to figure out BLACK is currently OUT OF STOCK in REGULAR size, as asked for in my original post instead of running your mouth, you would then understand why I'm even asking here.
  3. Joob1

    WTB - Molinari Glove

    No, they dont.
  4. Joob1

    WTB - Molinari Glove

    Searching for a Molinari Glove, black, regular size (not small), unused brand new.
  5. Joob1

    WTB - BK3 shaft

    Shaft with the carbon fiber collar. Thanks
  6. Joob1

    Mike Bender Custom

    Mike Bender custom 4 pointer, brand new. Bright Rosewood into Ebony. Holly inlays & veneers. Silver rosary Deco rings. Butt: 15.6oz, 29.75" Shaft: 3.9oz, 28.75", 12.75mm Shaft: 3.8oz, 28.75", 12.75mm Ivorine ferrules, shafts with Searings Medium tips. 1oz removable weight. Smooth black leather...
  7. Joob1

    Blackcreek Hoppe SP

    Blackcreek Sneaky, full splice Maple & Rosewood. Butt: 15oz, 29.75" Shaft: 4oz, 29", 12.47mm Shaft: 3.6oz, 28 3/8", 12.8mm Radial pin & Hoppe ring. Both shafts have a G2 layered Medium tips. Brand new Irish Linen wrap put on by Mike Bender. A few small knicks in the butt, which is pictured...
  8. Joob1

    Blackcreek SP w/New Wrap

    Recently had Irish Linen put on by Mike Bender. Very pleased on how it turned out.
  9. Joob1

    Nitti 4-Point Player

    Birdseye maple forearm with 4 points and abalone inlays, Rosewood veneers, ebony cue butt with abalone inlays and Irish Linen. Joint made of Ivorine. 4 deco rings are Iv*ry inlays. Radial pin joint. Butt: 15.5 oz Both Shafts: 3.8 oz Butt Length: 29.25" Both Shafts: 29.25" Both shafts are...
  10. Joob1

    WTB Leon Sly Sneaky

    Looking for a Sly SP, or any type new SP, with wrap preferably. Thank u.
  11. Joob1

    WTB Sly Sneaky

    Looking for new Sly SP - PM
  12. Joob1

    Want to sell Pechauer cue w/combo

    Would like to sell my Pechauer JC09 cue that I have owned for about 2 months, with about 1 month of playing time. Specifications: Tip - Triangle Medium Hard Tip Shaft - Highest Grade Canadian Maple 29" Shaft Taper - Pro Style 12.5 Inches Joint - Face to Face 5/16-14 Thread, Quick...