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  1. 9andout

    Two Foul 9 ball Official Rules

    I'm bumping this old thread. CJ has been talking about a new game with the best attributes of 2 foul. I think it could be great!
  2. 9andout

    Americans - are you happy with what Matchroom is doing with Pool ?

    I'm bumping this thread after listening to Emily Frazier's interview with Shane. What Matchroom is doing with all their events is what we've all been waiting for. I'm loving it!
  3. 9andout

    Bert Kinister

    He was associated with Niels Feijen way back, for a little while too. Recently, Niels had a stroke video up using one of Bert's old drills. "The Mighty X". I had forgotten I had it on VHS!....once upon a time lol. As with all his drills, it is the real deal. Helped me big time!
  4. 9andout

    Calling Dr. Dave! SVB "Foul" @ UK Open

    Excellent as always! Thank you!
  5. 9andout

    Joshua Filler. Damn!

    I heard Keith say he likes his game on the recent podcast. 👍
  6. 9andout

    Joshua Filler. Damn!

    I hate how he beats up on the USA but I LOVE his game! Fast and loose! There's been a lot of talk over the years about how to "save / bring back" pool. If it was back on TV, with shot clocks and his style of play, I believe it would draw viewers big time. His comeback against Ruiz was awesome...
  7. 9andout

    Calling Dr. Dave! SVB "Foul" @ UK Open

    Hey Dave. I think the world needs a break down video. In your super duper slo mo. TIA!!!
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    SVB World Champion Interview

    It's customary to post the link to what you're talking about.
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    Should we start a petition to change the 5 ball back to orange again?

  10. 9andout

    WORLD POOL (nineball) CHAMPIONSHIP (6-10 April2022), UK, Winner $60K

    So happy for him. It was awesome to watch!
  11. 9andout

    My new high run - Watch out Jayson!

    Hey "wet blanket".
  12. 9andout

    Tim Scruggs

    Sometimes if files are too large I do a screen shot of the picture and that works.
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    Turning Stone Classic XXXIV 9-Ball Open January 6-9, 2022 PLAYER LIST

    Changed his name back?😂
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    My take on the 3 rail shot and why, in my opinion, it's one of the most important shots in pool...

    Let's not forget to credit Bert Kinister for the "Mighty X"! I love it. Niels recently reminded me of it in a video. If only I had been practicing it since I bought the VHS tape many moons ago!
  15. 9andout

    I made two balls at once only on a valley.

    I play on a 4.5" pocket 9' Diamond at home. It's a weird feeling when playing at some friends houses (and especially loose Valleys) when a shot drops that I know would've missed at home.🙂
  16. 9andout

    I made two balls at once only on a valley.

    Aren't Valley sides usually smaller? They definitely got me a few times.
  17. 9andout

    Jeremy Jones taking over for Earl on team

    Just saw this post.
  18. 9andout

    Jeremy Jones taking over for Earl on team

    Such a shame. I hope he's on the team next year in Vegas!
  19. 9andout

    DANZ Mosconi Cup Question

    Usually when it's in Europe the U Tube replay time is just fine for me on the East coast USA
  20. 9andout

    Just finished a break and run on a friend's basement 8' Brunswick table

    My cousin's exact table. I HATE that cloth and his matching chalk!