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    WTB McDaniel Cue

    Here's another picture
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    WTB McDaniel Cue

    I got one 19 oz with leather wrap two predator shafts one OB AND ONE OF BILLS SHAFTS
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    McDaniels cue for sell

    Asking $2000 Will post specs later
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    Brand new old stock JB cases

    For sale 2- 2x5 JB Rugged cases with two pockets one small and one large with jump cue pocket never be used
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    SOLD Diamondwood .930 inch by 31 inches long a variety of colors Perfect for making shafts. Pm me or email for price and pictures
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    New to me vollmer

    Not much to see
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    New to me vollmer

    BEST hitting cue I've ever played with :thumbup: