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  1. Sealegs50

    SBE question

    I attended the first Expo in Secaucus. Pretty cool. Am I recalling correctly that Barry Szamboti had a booth that year?
  2. Sealegs50

    Zan Tips Hardness Diagram (includes all Zan tips)

    This pic was taken today, 6 years after installing my Zan Grip Hard. It is not a commonly used shaft, so, this does not represent expected wear over that much time. But I still play with the shaft occasionally and really like the tip. It looks and plays like it did when it was originally...
  3. Sealegs50

    Gus Szamboti cues picture thread...

    This was my player for almost 7 years. Tremendous cue. I still own and play with the newer shafts.
  4. Sealegs50

    🔥 CAM by Chad McLennan 🔥

    Thanks again for all your efforts to post pictures from your collection.
  5. Sealegs50

    Rempe vs Ginky Premiere Tonight

    Great match from two of my favorite players. I need to spend more time in this forum. Many thanks for posting these matches.
  6. Sealegs50

    Finally added an Adam to the collection

    You have chosen wisely.
  7. Sealegs50

    Evgeny Stalev vs California Kim - 2002 US Open 9-Ball

    I finally got around to watching this match. I really enjoyed it. Thanks.
  8. Sealegs50

    SLY vs Treadway?

  9. Sealegs50

    Is this a legitimate TS sneaky pete ?

    I’d call it a wrapless full-splice. Nobody is going to be sneaking around with that cue.
  10. Sealegs50

    Best Cataract Surgery Lenses for Pool

    How bad is your astigmatism? My astigmatism was borderline whether or not to go for toric lenses. I chose standard distance lenses figuring I could correct if needed and I am happy I did. For a while after the surgery, my eyesight was razor sharp (truly amazing). Over the past year, my...
  11. Sealegs50

    Billiard movies

    They missed a couple from TV.
  12. Sealegs50

    Evgeny Stalev vs California Kim - 2002 US Open 9-Ball

    Apparently, not everybody has access to the video.
  13. Sealegs50

    Is a Cue with Less Squirt or Cue Ball Deflection Better?

    I bought one of my favorite shafts from you. Are you telling me now that it is defective?
  14. Sealegs50

    Is a Cue with Less Squirt or Cue Ball Deflection Better?

    I have owned a 314-2 since it was new and have tried using it from time to time. It just seems like a different shaft and has not compelled me to switch from shafts that I have used for years. Perhaps the precision of my stroke is not sufficient to take benefit of the improved accuracy. But...
  15. Sealegs50

    Tip-Tapper Tool Discussion

    I use a similar tool from Cue Components. Same idea, same price. Works great.
  16. Sealegs50

    Cues that play similar to Southwest Cues

    I played exclusively with a SW from ‘91-’97 (20 oz. 13.25 mm long pro taper). I played with several other SWs including one of Billy Incardona’s and none of them seemed similar to mine. Billy said they all played alike. That was not my experience. I have only played with one DPK. It was...
  17. Sealegs50

    Go to playing cue.

    My playing cue is probably worth more than $3K. No, I wouldn’t trade. Offer me $5K and you’ll go home with a great cue.
  18. Sealegs50

    Playing sober, can’t do it

    I’ve never played well while drinking. When I gamble, I lose. It keeps my playing time much simpler.
  19. Sealegs50

    Guess the Builder

    It’s looking good, like the -R-.