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  1. J

    Pro One DVD for sale

    Stan Shufferts Pro One DVD in like new condition. Original dvd in original case. $20 plus $5 shipping. Pay pal only. send a PM Joel
  2. J

    Florence, SC ?

    Any rooms or decent bars around Florence...that are still open ? I will be there next tuesday. thanks, Joel
  3. J

    Florence SC ?

    any pool rooms still open ? i will be there on the 25th and 26th if anyone wants to shoot some. thanks, Joel
  4. J

    WTB, 1st gen 314, 3/8th x 10

    please send me a pm if you have one for sale thanks, Joel
  5. J

    Is this a foul ?

    To play a safe and avoid a double hit, a good trick is to softly hit the cueball from below center...using the bridge hand as a fulcrum and drooping the butt to send the cue tip up, sending the cue ball forward. This seems to be accepted as legal. Suppose the cueball and object ball are too far...