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  1. leaguedude

    WTB old Falcon player

    Looking to buy an old Falcon playing cue or just the butt only. Looking for 19 0z or less or butt only 15 oz or less. Cash in hand ready to go. email photos to stainless joint or phenolic is fine, maybe a nick varner series falcon... thanks
  2. leaguedude

    Brunswick anniversary with snooker pockets

    is it possible or even worth it to convert snooker pockets and rail rubber to superspeed cushions on a brunswick anniversary 9 or 10'? The table appears to have 2 1/4" balls already. thanks
  3. leaguedude

    2009 International VNEA Masters Speed Pool Champion

    1st Place winner with a 49.2 second run out in 8 Ball in Las Vegas. 65th US Open 9 Ball 2008
  4. leaguedude

    What is the softest layered tip out there?

    opinions please, Was wondering if anyone knows what the softest layered tip is these days? Also, was looking for above average grip on the cueball. So, my question is what is the softest layered tip with the most grip out there? Any first hand help would be appreciated as my search continues...
  5. leaguedude

    7' Valley's for sale in Ontario

    Hi all, I have some valley bar boxes stored away and am now interested in selling them off. Prices range from $1,000-$1,300 depending on model and condition. Delivery can be arranged at an additional fee. PM me if interested.....15 tables to choose from at the moment. regards,
  6. leaguedude

    Measuring how well we play

    Here's a good link to guage the speed in which we play 9 ball. The link was originally posted by CocobolaCowboy, so thanks goes to him. See how well YOU play
  7. leaguedude

    Shaft deflection comparison chart

    Does anyone remember where to find the shaft comparison chart that is available online. I remember seeing it somewhere. It was like Platinum or Ozone or something like that. I've been searching for hours with no luck. Anyways, any help finding this link would be appreciated.... thanks in advance..
  8. leaguedude

    league players-prizeboard example

    Hi all, Attached is our league payouts from last season. I just wanted to see what other leagues are doing with their payouts and prizes. Anyways, our league is 5 man teams and it cost $10 per week per player. The league is played at different venues around the city. Teams get trophies for...
  9. leaguedude

    Making the corner ball in Straight pool

    Hi all, Stumbled over this shot today in my practice. I briefly tried searching the site for anything similar. Anyways, I got bad on my break ball and missed the break up. So, I long banked the corner ball. Again, no sure if this has been documented before but here it is. CB is struck at 12:15...
  10. leaguedude

    Canadian 9 ball tour season 4

    Hi All, I just heard through the grape vine that there will be no Canadian 9Ball Tour this season. I really hope it's not true but it's from a pretty reliable source. Anyways, don't shoot the messanger, i'm just passing the word around. Maybe someone could start another 9 ball tour in Canada...
  11. leaguedude

    Bar Box straight pool

    Hi all, I practice straight pool on my bar box all the time as my 9 footer is not set up yet. My question is how much harder is this game on say 9' gold crown compared to 7' valley bar box? My high run on the bar box is 71. I Haven't tried on a 9' yet. In your opinion do you think I should be...