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    Q-Lathe for sale

    Where are you located?
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    Cue companions

    Email me with price and location
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    Cue Equipment for sale ....

    Do you still have the cuemonster?
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    Cam Custom Cue 48 inlays 3 shafts

    Look me up on face book Shahn Hunter or reply to this message, I’m interested in this Chad McLennan Cue
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    Searching for CAM Cue

    Has any of you guys saw a Chad McLennan cue with this design in the butt sleeve or know who may have one?
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    ~~Unique Taper Shaper ~~WANTED~~

    I’m looking for a Unique Taper Shaper in good working condition. Also looking for a Hightower mid size or deuce.zSend me a message at 931-607-1488
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    Searching for CAM Cue

    I'm looking for a cue 2005 "Chad McLennan Cue" with these specs, if you possibly have a cue that looks like this I'm willing to make a cash offer or maybe a trade offer 4 point lacewood and Ivory with a leather wrap signed CAM Does not have Chad McLennan signature, points are Fat and tall...
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    ~~~SOLD~~~ 4 Point, 4 Veneers, Gaboon Ebony Forearm & Butt Sleeve, 28 Elforyn Ivory inlays, 3/8-10 Ultimate Joint, Kamui Medium "red backing pad removed" and Ultra Skin Medium with red backing pad installed. This cue retails for $2,800 new. This cue was made in 2014 for the well known player...
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    <~~~~~~6 Diamond Smart Tables~~~~~~>

    I am listing these tables for a good friend of mine who isn't to computer savvy. If you have any questions about the tables of any kind please contact my friend Joel Rains @ (931)-212-5166 the tables are located in Woodbury, Tennessee which is in middle Tennessee. I'm going to try and post...
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    ~~~Price Reduced~~~4 Point, 28 Abalone Inlays

    ~~~~~2014 CAM CUSTOM CUE ~~~~~ 4 pt ebony into highly figured Curley maple with 4 veneers, 28 Bushka diamond abalone inlays, radial pin at the joint tiger leather Black textures wrap Butt weighs 16.1 oz is 29 inches long and is .835 at joint and 1.250 at butt cap Shaft 1 is 13mm , 3.6 oz ...
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    WTB Lathe 13x40

    I'm in search of a fully functioning metal lathe 13x40 Grizzley, Enco or Central Machinery with a 1.5 inch through hole. Thanks!
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    {~~~WTB / Josswest 70's/80's model~~~}

    I'm looking for a 70's/80's model Josswest with a 5/16-14 stainless steel joint and 2 original shaft's "if possible" send me a PM or email and let me know what you got
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    Centennial Case 1x2 - No Longer Available

    Centennial Case 1x2 Centennial 1x2 case in 90% condition or better. They haven't been produced since the early 90's and are highly collectable. $425 List Date: 11/19/2014 For more info, click here to view the original listing: Centennial Case 1x2 -------------------------------------- This...
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    WTB Black Boar

    Thanks... No longer looking
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    Thomas Wayne 5 point "Pomone style"

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    Unknown Maker of Cue

    I have no idea of the cue make but I have pictures. Any Info is greatly appreciated and could turn into a trade or sell
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    Wanted Joss West

    Looking for a good playing Joss West not looking for a extremely high end Joss West but a real good player. If anybody has one my email is