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  1. freds

    World Pool Masters 2023 (10-13 May), nineball, Essex UK, Winner $40K

    Yeah, take a look at this, all three overlayed - takes a lot of skill to be that lucky/consistent: Has a 0 area break box - i.e., break from the head spot - ever been tried? Though it seems like the top players are going to solve whatever break rules come up.
  2. freds

    C'mon Down Under.... play in Australia

    Koalas not so much, but the closely related Drop Bears are no joke - if you go, speak softly in the bush, and/or stock up on Vegemite: See also:
  3. freds

    US Open 9-Ball, 2023, Atlantic City, Sep 25-30

    One presumes that you're not required to stay there, you're just required to pay for a room.
  4. freds

    Interesting listing on Ebay

    I see her listing has a link to a brief New Yorker article from Sept. 7, 1981 - she's mentioned in the last two paragraphs. Also some fun stuff in there for the historians. Tournament THE Professional Pool Players Association held its sixth annual World Open Pocket Billiard Championship...
  5. freds

    Matchroom Pool will have 30 ranking events in 2023

    There's another ranking event coming up in New England; in Boston (Malden) on Mar. 18-19, @ Amazin' Billiards. Small venue, not much spectator space but the TD will likely be streaming all tables. :rolleyes...
  6. freds

    Boston - 1/22/23 through 1/25/23

  7. freds

    1 year ago Jayson Shaw shocked the World.

    Could be that you've got the screw-er and screw-ees backwards.
  8. freds

    Efren VS Lukas Tonight 1/16/2023 at 6pm On Yale Sharkstream (WATCH 4 FREE)

    Thanks for that! Highlight of the match - master class in how to remove the stupid template rack: (1:36:50)
  9. freds

    DIY Bucket Polisher Project.. best Buffer?

    I have a couple of these, they seem to work just fine. YMMV. "WEN 10PMR 10-Inch Waxer/Polisher" $25 at the moment:
  10. freds

    US Open 9B October, 2022 -- Atlantic City

    If anybody is still looking:
  11. freds

    Tyler Styer's disgusting jump-kick shot and my poor table cloth

    Well done! I enjoyed that and appreciate the effort; that looks like it was a lot of work to put together. And the neighborhood walk was fun - all pool tables look pretty much the same but a little local color is great.
  12. freds

    Dr Dave not on Youtube anymore?

    Yes, but more to the point - I'm guessing - be really wary of social engineering. Anyway look, we'll find out soon enough, straight from the horse's mouth:
  13. freds

    Blues music and One Pocket

    Blues and one pocket - I know of one that has both, a blues version of a (great) Willie Nelson song. Junior adds a bunch of stuff and mentions one pocket (and banks) about 3 minutes in:
  14. freds

    Ring Game Rules for my App

    Yep, though up here many places provide free pencils - and multi-purpose score sheets: Usually can't get people to do it, but I like paying out after every money ball; no bookkeeping and it's fun to have the cash flying around.
  15. freds

    Calling Dr. Dave! SVB "Foul" @ UK Open

    There's a very similar shot here, but it's not really close at all. No ref, and they called it wrong. It's obviously a good hit, but that old guy didn't want to bother arguing. The commentators are confused (and hard to fade.) (21:07) PS I then skipped to the end, a few nice shots...
  16. freds

    How were Gandy table drop pockets attached?

    The black velcro-ey kind? :) I don't remember where I got it or just how I stuck it on; some kind of spray glue maybe, it's been a while. Velcro is just under the pocket rim. Nothing's ever come loose, to take these pictures I found that it takes some effort to get them out. I could see the glue...
  17. freds

    How were Gandy table drop pockets attached?

    Yes, the guy who set up my Big G had them nailed in; not very well, they were damaging balls. I replaced w/velcro and have had no problems since.
  18. freds

    Do you move balls using the body of a carbon fiber shaft?

    My CF shaft (Cynergy) was completely unscathed in a fight with a ceiling fan, moving balls is not a concern.
  19. freds

    Darren Appleton Video: "Banned! My Story"

    Well no; those probabilities don't add (otherwise after 4 rounds you'd be at 100%, clearly wrong.) At 1/4 per round, the chance of getting tested exactly once out of 3 rounds is 1/4 x 3/4 x 3/4 x 3 = 42% I.e., 25% of getting tested in any 1 round, but not the other 2. Or, from the other...
  20. freds

    Playing with 20 year old balls versus newer balls

    I'll take that bet. If you get a chance, measure them w/a gauge and/or compare them to new balls, I believe they'll be noticeably smaller.