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    Birthday wish

    Happy Birthday 1on1 Pooltourney :)
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    Happy Birthday Lisa!

    Happy Birthday Lisa Marr-Brannen. Hope you have a good one!:) Christyd
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    Happy Birthday Woody968

    Happy Birthday Woody! Sorry, just noticed. Hope you had a good one. :) Christyd
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    Allie Clear your pm box!! Christyd
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    Happy Birthday Allie!

    Happy Birthday Allie!!....Hope you have a good one :) Christyd
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    Any word on Mark Tadd competing in Derby City?
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    Derby City

    Will someone please send me a link to the Derby City Tournament. Thanks in advance! :) Christyd
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    Hi Sarah

    Hi Sarah I want to congratulate you on all of your accomplishments over the last year. Bobby has kept me informed with what is going on in your "pool world" and I am extremely happy for you. You deserve all the success that comes your way! Best wishes to you! Sincerely, Christy Dickerson