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  1. mr5ball

    Help ID’ing a shaft

    Hi, i just received this shaft from a friend. Trying to find out if anyone can help determine the maker. The only thing i can tell for sure is that its a 5/16x18 piloted joint. I also believe it to be an ivory ferrule. It may not show too well in the pic but there is some grain in the...
  2. mr5ball

    5/16x14 butt only & jump break cue

    Looking to buy a butt only with 5/16x14 piloted joint, stainless steel preferred. Looking for something in the $200-350 range. Also looking for a jump/break cue in the $150 or less range. Thanks in advance. Benji
  3. mr5ball

    2018 results

    Does anyone have a list of all paid spots for the 2018 Amateur Open? Thanks in advance.
  4. mr5ball

    Black Boar joint protectors for sale

    SOLD! Set of Black Boar joint protectors. Made by Jim Baxter. 1 butt, 2 shafts. Dark cocobolo with arvorin caps and black collar with silver ring with logo etched in. 5/16x14 piloted joint. $90 shipped. No trades. Please PM me if interested. Thanks. Read Less Sent from my...
  5. mr5ball

    Brunswick Titlist conversion

    SOLD! For sale is my early 60's Brunswick Titlist conversion by Scot Sherbine and matching butt extension made by Ryan Theewen. Cue is matched up to a Predator 314-2. 5/16x14 piloted pin with stainless joint. Cue weighs around 19.5oz. Can get pics of the shaft later. Please PM me if...
  6. mr5ball

    Looking for a cheap butt

    Just looking for something to use as a bar beater. Need 5/16x14 piloted thread. Preferably steel jointed. $50-100 range. May spend a little more if it catches my eye. Thanks in advance.
  7. mr5ball

    Predator 314-2 Radial pin

    As title says looking for a predator 314-2 2nd generation with radial pin, black collar. Would prefer 30' but not necessary. Please PM me if you have one for sale or trade. Thanks Benji
  8. mr5ball

    Looking to make a trade shaft for shaft

    Have a virtually new Lucasi Hybrid Zero Flexpoint shaft. 29", 12.75mm kamui soft tip, 5/16x14 joint, black collar with silver ring piloted. Rolls dead straight. Shaft is virtually brand new. I just don't like the hit. Would like to make trade for either a Tiger X Ultra or Predator Z2 same...
  9. mr5ball

    Schon STL-1 Tulipwood F/S

    Beautiful Tulipwood Schon STL-1 with lizard wrap. 19oz. Shaft has very minor taper roll but tip does not leave the table and does not affect play at all. Would be willing to consider partial trade for Predator BK3 plus cash or JB Rugged 3 butt case plus cash. Would also consider selling...
  10. mr5ball

    Tim Scruggs Fancy Sneaky F/S

    Tim Scruggs Sneaky Pete. Custom ivorine joint made with matching collars. Cue was completely refinished 6 months ago and has been sitting in case since. Played roughly 10 racks with it. 100% MINT!!! 19 oz. Ivory ferrule. Triangle tip. SOLD. PM me if interested. Thanks for looking.
  11. mr5ball

    <<<<<<balance rite extension>>>>>>

    Virtually brand new Balance Rite extension for 5/16x18 joint. Used just a few days. SOLD Thanks Benji
  12. mr5ball

    <<<<<<<palmer for sale>>>>>>>

    Completely restored cue done by Scot Sherbine at Proficient Billiards. Brand new Kamui clear black medium installed on original shaft which is 28 3/4 inches. Also have aftermarket (not LD) shaft which is 29 inches, pro taper and le pro tip. I dont have a scale but can tell you it is at least...
  13. mr5ball

    Meucci Sneaky Pete

    Older Meucci sneaky pete signed by 5 time world champion Jimmy Caras. Yes, i do believe the cue may have been damaged previously which is why the butt has a large black cap at the end of it. Nonetheless it is still a nice cue with a nice autograph on it and im not asking much. $250 shipped...
  14. mr5ball


    I might just be a little slow but i cant seem to find anywhere for early round results. Does anyone have a link? Thanks Benji
  15. mr5ball

    Freshly restored Palmer

    For sale is my just finished Palmer. The restoration was done by Scot Sherbine at Proficient Billiards. Brand new Kamui clear black medium installed. I dont have a scale but can tell you it is at least 20oz if not more. Shaft is 28 3/4 inches. Butt is 29 inches. Tip is 13.21 mm. this...
  16. mr5ball

    Meucci Sneaky Pete

    Meucci 95-01 signed by 5 time world champion Jimmy Caras. I apologize but i do not have the specs. The shaft is much thinner than a normal shaft. Cue is in very good condition. $165 shipping included. Trade offers welcome via PM. Thanks
  17. mr5ball

    Ebay auction - A joke

    The sad part is someone will put a bid on this.
  18. mr5ball

    Need aftermarket shaft advice

    I posted this in the main forum a little while ago and didnt originally think to post it here. I am thinking about buying an aftermarket shaft for my Palmer to specifically use for 3 cushion. Any suggestions on what would be the best choice? Thanks Benji
  19. mr5ball

    Need aftermarket shaft advice

    Thinking about buying a second shaft to use for 3C billiards. What does everyone suggest? Im sure i am about to get 1000 different answers with this question but just thought i would see what the general population thinks. Thanks Benji
  20. mr5ball

    WTT -- Scruggs shaft

    Looking to trade my Tim Scruggs black collar with silver ring shaft for a Scruggs sneaky shaft. I accidentally broke the original sneaky shaft and have been playing with this mismatched shaft and sneaky butt for a while now. PM me with any questions or offers. I honestly dont know the taper...