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    Anyone play with a mezz cue? Wtb one.

    Looking at a new cue to buy. How do you like your mezz? Overall quality etc. Thanks Robbie.
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    APA National Vegas. Who's going?

    Anyone have a team going? Ill be there for 8 ball this year. Went for 9 ball last year. Should be a good time again. Plan on going sky diving! Be there the 17th-25th
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    Flying with pool cues

    Can you bring your case with the cues or have to check it in? Whose flew lately with their cues?
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    Apa Las Vegas.

    Anyone else have a team make it?! We're going for 8 ball open. Throwing 65552
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    Anyone have a mezz cue forsale?

    Looking into purchasing a mezz cue anything out there? Thanks.
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    What's a good game spot sl6 and sl8?

    What should an apa 8 have to give an apa 6 to make the game fair? Race to 7.
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    Wtb Kelly cue

    Looking for a Kelly cue by mike d. Anyone have one forsale Email with pics and price thanks
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    Great start to 2013!

    Played in an 8 ball tournament and won 160.00 then my buddy is gambling with a strong 6. He throws me up on him for 300.00 a set race to 5. I'm getting a game. I beat him 4/1. Then we play for 500.00 race to 5. I'm giving a game. Beat him 5/1 with THREE 8 on the break and a break and run! My...
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    Designing a custom cue. ?s

    Looking at getting a custom cue in the up and coming months. Is there a program out there to design one?
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    Predator bk2... Need input.

    My friend has one and wants to sell it to me. Is 240.00 priced right for a like new bk2?
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    How to step my game up all the time?

    I'm a "4" in 8 ball and "6" in 9 ball. Whenever I shoot league I can't get into the focus mentality that I do when we go play in high level tournaments. Its almost like my adrenaline kicks in and I'm a totally different pool player. Played in a local tournament Thursday night and had 5 break...
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    Custom cue for 600.00 or less?

    Looking for a custom cue maker that isn't outrageous. Shooting with a meucci now and would like to have a curly maple cue. Love the wood design. Thanks.