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    Lighting a 7" ProAm. What's the best?

    Thanks everyone! I kept going back and forth on the Lite-systems Fin-Miu and the Littman 5-2 tournament and ended up buying the Littman. While both have gotten good reviews and the littman was a bit more, it is also a bit longer (5' vs 4') and wider (2' vs 1') which should give better coverage...
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    Lighting a 7" ProAm. What's the best?

    Looking to purchase a light and wanted to get some recommendations for what's out there. Have researched the Littman, Lite-Systems and Diamond offerings but wondering if there are any others I should consider. I don't really have the time for the DIY route and looking to get this fairly...
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    Looking to buy a Pool Table

    I recently moved to Utah and am looking to purchase a pool table. Looking for a nice Diamond or Brunswick GC\Anniversary. Please contact me if you have one of these or something similar available for sale. Thanks!
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    Any trusted Mechanics in the Utah area?

    I recently moved to Utah and am looking to purchase a table (Diamond\Gold Crown\Anniversary or similar). Does anyone know of any good mechanics in Utah or would travel to the SLC area> PLMK. Thanks!
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    Looking for a pool table

    Currently getting my basement finished and am looking for a pool table. Before I order a new one, I wanted to see what might be available. Specifically looking for a 7 foot Diamond Pro-Am or Smart table but will have room and will consider other sizes up to 9'. Will also consider good...
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    LF Samsara break cue

    Looking for a Samsara break cue. Thanks!
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    Samsara Yellow Eight Blue for sale

    Slightly used but in excellent condition 60" Samsara "Yellow Eight Blue" available for sale - $875 Eight Ebony Points Blue and Yellow curly maple veneers Birds-Eye Maple forearm Black leather wrap Black Ebonized butt sleeve with coordinated rings to match points/veneers New Samsara 12.75 mm LD...
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    Beware of NanceWayne - CueKOTE - Wayne Nance

    I recently posted a thread in the WTB section of this site and was PM'd by Wayne to let me know that he had a Predator fancy SP butt for sale. Wayne stated that other than a hairline crack in the butt ring, the cue was in good condition with only normal wear and tear. Based on this...
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    WTB Predator uniloc butt

    I'm looking to purchase or trade for a Predator butt. Especially looking for a sneaky but will consider any. Thanks!
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    Help identifying a Meucci

    I just picked up this stick but can't seem to find out which model it is. I've search all the archive sites I could find and hoping that someone here might be able to help. Thanks in advance.