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  1. ShortBusRuss

    DCC One Pocket - final rounds

    I don't feel so bad now, having lost to Chohan 9-5 in the 4th round, as he played quite a bit better on me, on a more worn table.
  2. ShortBusRuss

    Mike Dechaine DCC

    And because I just can't let the point stand as far as his "humbleness", though I don't think you are the one who mentioned it... To this day, I will always remember a Mike Dechaine guest commentating on a Derby TAR match with amateur players playing for a respectable amount, saying how he would...
  3. ShortBusRuss

    Mike Dechaine DCC

    Same question here. Filler won the China Open at what,18? And never let his foot off the gas since. Dechaine has never had a year as dominant as the one Gorst had last year. Dude is smoking some good stuff, that's for sure.
  4. ShortBusRuss

    Live (Barely) from the Derby

    I overheard someone talking about this. Some friend of the player I overheard had been offering fentanyl pills to the person telling the story, and he told him, "Nah, man.. I heard that stuff will kill you.." Next thing he knew, his friend had went back to his room and taken a dose,and ended up...
  5. ShortBusRuss

    Live (Barely) from the Derby

    Well.... There are still some "characters".... Robb Saez was being an absolute jerk to me, and accused me of "stealing his cigarettes", after I just poked my head in the action room. I thought someone said something to the side, and said "What, I thought you said something to me?" to another...
  6. ShortBusRuss

    Experiments in looking at the cueball while delivering the stroke.

    No.. not that type of inside. I talked to him about that when I was living in Texas. He uses it to basically deflect the cue ball into applying a slight margin of error on every cut shot, so he either hits it into the "thick portion" of the biggest part of the pocket target, or deflects into a...
  7. ShortBusRuss

    Experiments in looking at the cueball while delivering the stroke.

    For the record, I focus on the cue ball last, and when I play my best, focus my stroke pretty much on getting through the cue ball straight for the first 4 inches or so past the cue ball, at the required speed to do what I am trying to do. This is good enough to pocket pretty much any shot on...
  8. ShortBusRuss

    Experiments in looking at the cueball while delivering the stroke.

    Steady, deep breathing while playing is also conducive to minimizing adrenaline buildup in the bloodstream, as well.
  9. ShortBusRuss

    Forum members attending 2023 DCC?

    I will coming for the full tournament, though I have sick for the past two weeks with both a respiratory virus, and a bacterial infection in my face, so not much practice.Should be healthy in another week, before I fly from Germany. Real name - Russell Chewning Who else is coming? Bonus for...
  10. ShortBusRuss

    Pyramid, Carom and Pool players are you interested in a new training aid.

    He does NOT suck at trolling, as he gets plenty of responses. If you folks stopped giving him attention, he would stop posting this nonsense.
  11. ShortBusRuss

    New Year's Resolution - Getting some training / coaching

    Well, not sure I believed my stroke was "fine" with Scott Lee, but asking a middle-aged player with limited practice time to completely change their stroke from one type to another is a bit unrealistic, IMO. My stroke is "good enough" at least, that Fabian was surprised I had never taken down a...
  12. ShortBusRuss

    New Year's Resolution - Getting some training / coaching

    So, just got back from the lesson.. Here's a breakdown.. Fabian and I talked a few minutes about my goals, and my frustrations that, despite only having played actual pros in tournaments only a handful of times (about 6 or so..), I had my real chances to beat at least three of them, with...
  13. ShortBusRuss

    New Year's Resolution - Getting some training / coaching

    For basically the first time in my life, at 47 years old. I did get one session each with Scott Lee and Mike Sigel, with limited success. Mike Sigel pretty much had no real input on fundamental flaws, and Scott Lee was trying to completely change my stroke, which to be blunt, and have gotten...
  14. ShortBusRuss

    To shoot like a pro, look like a pro

    Ayuh... Has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with having near perfect muscle memory and kinesthetics (the ability to know intuitively where your body/limbs are in space). Yah know.. The basic elements that are REQUIRED to be an elite athlete, virtuoso musician, etc..etc..etc..etc... If the muscle...
  15. ShortBusRuss

    Senior State Titles

    Perhaps this will change with Matchroom. After all, it behooves them to have a "farm system" for American players if they are trying to promote pool worldwide, and America represents a huge market, if they can just get it promoted a bit better. America needs multiple world class players if the...
  16. ShortBusRuss

    This is why Fargorate Fails...

    I have run a 5 pack in 9 ball on a 9 footer and my highest Fargorate is 583. I had plenty of matches in barbox 8 ball where I ran minimum 4 racks out of 5, alternate break, and a few where I ran all 5. Never bothered to count packs in 9 ball on the barbox, because that is much more ependent on a...
  17. ShortBusRuss

    Name your superstitions... about what makes you play good or bad [for fun thread]

    You do not. You win ~50%, and any difference is due to variance, not magic. (grin)
  18. ShortBusRuss

    Name your superstitions... about what makes you play good or bad [for fun thread]

    I am supremely superstitous about practicing. When I don't do that, I never play well. All the other stuff is just a buncha mumbo-jumbo.
  19. ShortBusRuss

    SVB vs Chohan 1P

    Jay, I know that one stung, but I just gotta say, I hope you feel you got your money's worth, because that was one of the most special racks I have ever witnessed in my life... I feel honored to have been able to watch it, and I am glad you made that bet and allowed me to witness something so...
  20. ShortBusRuss

    Will Fargo update there app new features?

    You don't have to "force" anyone to do anything. If the full data set, including individual match scores, and a full tournament bracket,are in the data for anyone to review, then people will want to play more Fargorated tournaments, and will change their tournament planning to do so. And then...