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  1. burns420

    Varney for sale

    Bump for reasonable offers
  2. burns420

    Varney for sale

  3. burns420

    Varney for sale

    BUMP $500
  4. burns420

    Varney for sale

    Bump, shoot me an offer!
  5. burns420

    Varney for sale

    Selling my Varney cue as I can't play for now due to medical reasons. I was the original owner of this cue, bought from Kevin around 2009. It was sold then I managed to get it back recently. It appears to be cocobolo w/Birdseye maple handle, but im not entirely sure. If someone knows please...
  6. burns420

    Sold King 3x4 case for sale

    SOLD..thanks for the interest everyone.
  7. burns420

    Sold King 3x4 case for sale

    Not sure of the maximum length, but i have a 59.5 " and there's room to spare for sure, with protectors on. It also holds a standard jump cue butt in the front pocket.
  8. burns420

    Sold King 3x4 case for sale

    I'm sorry I have to put this up for sale. Picked it up in January from Al when I tried to get back into the game. Unfortunately my health keeps me from playing much right now. It's like new, used maybe 3 times. Really beautiful black suede with brown leather, and stingray diamond inserts...
  9. burns420

    Best Custom Leather Case Makers?

    I agree about King. He made me one a few months ago that is absolutely perfect. Beautiful work. I have had 2 Justis cases and I prefer the King. The wait wasn't too long either, and he's great with communicating on the progress.
  10. burns420

    Best break/jump cue

    Didnt expect love for L on here. My favorite by far.
  11. burns420

    Contact Info for Dennis Searing

    I contacted him around '08-09 for a cue, he put me on a waiting list, said to be 8-10y at the time. From these posts I guess it'll be many more years, but I'd still like to contact him and see if anyone has his email info.
  12. burns420

    By JH Cuecase Envelope Style

    Wow, this is beautiful!! Very well done.
  13. burns420


    What a beautiful cue. Kevin always did make me some beautiful and great playing cues. When I came back on the forum it was terrible to hear he'd passed. I was lucky enough to just purchase one of my old ones back after many years away from the game.
  14. burns420

    Ronnie wins World Grand Prix

    Man, great to see him still pulling off these great victories! Hopefully he's on his game in April.
  15. burns420

    WTB-sneaky or PJ sugartree, bluegrass,Varney

    Hey, so after a decade long absence from the game im finally healthy again and want to get back to playing. Sold all my cues back as my heart condition got worse though so that sort of sucks but get to buy a new one now! Lol Just looking for a nice plainjane or nothing too fancy. Preferably...
  16. burns420

    fastest ever clearance

    Anybody know what the fastest total clearance is? I know Ronnie has the 5min20 maximum, but I'd say Alex Higgins or Tony Drago must have some quick times as well whether or not they were 147s. I have a bet with my old man on this so any info or video would be great. Thanks.
  17. burns420

    Varney Player for Sale

    Unfortunately I need money more than cues right now, so Im forced to sell this. Its BEM with a purpleheart handle dyed black. 19oz with a 13mm tip. joint is 3/8x10, shaft has micarta ferrule and an everest tip. The cue rolls straight together and apart, and the butt section has a couple...
  18. burns420

    Tim Scruggs Sneaky Pete FS

    Im selling my Tim scruggs sneaky. Im unsure of the wood, but it looks to bea nicely figured rosewood. Butt is 14.5oz, shaft is 3.9oz 12.75mm, layered tip and an ivory ferrule. Has a 5/16-14 piloted joint, black phenolic joint collars, and a delrin butt cap with the "TS" on it. Cue is in...
  19. burns420

    WTT: A/C service for cues

    Just throwing this out there, if there's anyone in the Toronto area in need of furnace or air conditioning installation or service/repair Id be willing to do it in exchange for a cue or cues. I'm a refrigeration mechanic with 10 years experience in residential/commercial HVAC. I do quality...
  20. burns420

    snooker cue components

    Im just wondering if theres anywhere I can buy pieces for a snooker cue. Specifically: snooker style butt plate for "wedge" flat part of cue, brass ferrule, bumper with flat side like a "D" shape. thanks