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    Can anyone tell me about a cuemaker from the Baltimore area, johnny slavateni I may be a bit off on the name spelling. He was to have worked for Tim Scruggs. Looking for info on his cues
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    Everyone should check out the match at Big Tymes tonight in Houston Erica. .....Aka has a Manny vs Ruben match up tonight race to 21 10 ball even starts 530 central time looks like a great match up
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    Edwin Reyes

    Can anyone give a real opinion of Edwin Reyes cues. Just curious if these cues are good quality or are they low quality junk. They appear to be well made. Curious of these cues
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    new cues

    Can anyone give an honest assessment of Edwin Reyes Custom cues are they okay or are they junk. Has anyone any experience with this cue? Just curious they look very nice.
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    Lee Brett Vs Geno Teachers

    How about Geno playing Lee Brett on the ten foot at the Derby. Say a race to a hundred. Ten Ball. Kinda a teachers battle. If Geno would play that????? I think it would be a good match. :grin-devilish::grin-devilish:
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    Lee Brett

    A couple of weeks ago I spent the afternoon and evening with Lee Brett. I took a four hour lesson with him. He started off by telling me about his Snooker background. Then about his pool background. After this he asked me to hit some so he could watch and get a feel for my knowledge habits and...
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    Brunswick Anniversary

    I'm interested in what would these tables be worth in good condition. Also would they be a good choice to install in a new pool room. What are the good and the bad of them. Thanks Guys for your input and advice in advance.