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  1. nineballman

    Virus Downloader on Grady Mathews Site.

    I got a virus 2 weekends ago after browsing AZBilliards. I wasn't sure were it came from, but today I read in a thread that Grady Mathews site will download a virus to your computer. I went there again just a few minutes ago and when I clicked on the blog link, Norton blocked Trojan Downloader...
  2. nineballman

    For Sale: The Hustler's Handbook This out of print book is an excellent source of information for the aspiring pool hustler!:D John
  3. nineballman

    Derby City Banks & One Pocket DVD Set

    Please see if you are interested in some excellent quality DVDs. Watch Stevie in action as he beats Efren!!!!! Free shipping included! John
  4. nineballman

    VHS-One Pocket, Banks and 14.1

    Please look here if you are looking for some VHS Billiard and Pool tapes! These are in excellent condition. Thanks! Will be posting more in the next few days. DVDs available...
  5. nineballman

    Racking Secrets with Joe Tucker

    Great deal on Racking Secrets with Joe Tucker.
  6. nineballman

    The Monk 202 DVD SET

    All three DVDs on The Monk Volume 1-3 Foundation for Kicking and Banking. Watched 1 time and took good notes! Like New Condition. Thanks for your interest!
  7. nineballman

    Lessons from Stan Shuffett

    There has been a lot of discussion on az lately about instructors. Very seldom do I see Stan Shuffett's name mentioned. Stan Shuffett is an Advanced BCA Instructor and a very good teacher. I recently visited with Stan for two days of instruction and while I am not going into detail about his...
  8. nineballman

    U.S. Amateur Preliminary Rounds....Who's Going?

    I'm going to JOB in Nashville for the preliminary rounds. I'm looking forward to seeing some old friends since it was 2001 last time I played in this. Who else is going and where will you be playing?
  9. nineballman

    Modern Pool - Training, Techniques & Tactics

    If anyone is looking for a new book on pool this is it! I was exposed to this book about a month ago and was told I should pick it up. Well my copy came yesterday...ordered right here Anyway, I had a chance to...
  10. nineballman

    Where is the Center of the Q Ball?

    For years I thought the center of the cue ball was somewhere it's not. Where is the center of the cue ball to you?
  11. nineballman

    Need to improve AZ Billiards Forum Search Engine

    I tried to find "Center of Cue Ball" on the search engine and the result omits the word "cue" and "of" as being to common. So all the results are based on "ball, center". This obviously is NOT what I wanted at all. Also I do not see a way to search for an extact string/phrase like above...
  12. nineballman

    Rack & Cue - Campbellsville, KY

    Does anyone know anything about the Rack & Cue in Campbellsville, KY? Are there any other rooms close by? Thanks.
  13. nineballman

    Your Own Bragging Rights Thread

    Here is a chance to brag or not brag about your playing abilities. Everyone post their high runs in 14:1, Racks of 8 and 9 ball and whether or not you have ever broke and ran out in One Pocket (:p ). Here's mine: -58 balls in 14:1 -Broke into my 4th rack in nine ball -Broke into my 4th rack in...
  14. nineballman

    Who has your favorite Avatar?

    What is your favorite Avatar? Ummmm..... I like "Secaucus":p There are many good ones though. I also like "BigTruck", "rach'em zach'em", "BazookaJoe"
  15. nineballman

    Who needs closed bridge anyway?

    After reading some of the thread about teaching a closed bridge, I got to thinking about the real need for a closed bridge. I use a closed bridge on many of my shots. Is it because I learned how to play that way? Is it because my stroke is not perfect and I need something to stablize it? But...
  16. nineballman

    2,000,000 + Balls. How many....

    balls have you hit? I have heard a couple of references to pros having hit 2,000,000 + balls minimum. I really have no idea, but after some thought I would say somewhere between 1/2 - 1 mil for me. 2,000,000 balls equats to approximately 202.94 games of 9 ball for everyday for 3 years ... and...
  17. nineballman

    Push Out Question

    This guy was getting the 5,7 and last 2 last night. The opponent made his 7 ball on a push out. The guy getting the spot said the ball was to be spotted, so an argument sorta broke out. The opponent said that where he was from it was legal and the 7 was not to be spotted. Normally we play...
  18. nineballman

    Teaching Speed Control....

    I was playing a friend the other night and she said she has a lot of difficulty judging the speed of the cue ball. She makes ball consistently and on many shots get the right angle. I told her she needed to practice drills on speed control and really pay attention to where the cue ball goes...
  19. nineballman

    Using an iPOD while playing...

    How many of you use an iPOD while playing your matches? Does it help/hurt your focusing abilities. I watched Larry Nevel play 10 ahead a while back and that iPOD ran all the time. I've tried it at home and really like it, but when I'm playing a match somewhere, it becomes distracting.
  20. nineballman

    Maintain high level of play

    Just wondering what you do to maintain a high level of play throughout an entire tournament weekend. I find that I play much better during longer matches or several sets that are back to back. But sitting around waiting for the next match to start is a problem.