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    I hate the fact you can't hardly find a snooker table 6x12. They were everywhere when I was a kid, in almost every hall. Of course that was a LONG time ago.
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    Force follow

    I would agree 👍🏻
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    Force follow

    Draw a line from the nine through the one. You aim where the line intersects the BACK of the one ball. Takes a little practice to get comfortable aiming at the back of the ball Works every time.
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    Two Shot Foul

    Rotation games now days are just plain boring, and I seldom play nor watch them. IMO the rules that were made to speed up the game ruined the game in large part.
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    Archer's Place, Marietta Ga...??

    You go to a pool hall for many reasons. What it's called, or who's name it's associated with, is usually a non issue. Other than die hard pool players, most casual players know very little about the pros much less their names. If the staff is polite, the place is clean and organized, rates are...
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    Thousands of hours of practice. Most of the better snooker players started very young.
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    BCA Nationals Cancelled

    There may be a thread already out on this, but wanted to get it out as soon as I found out. Just got a text from a teammate that is already there and the nationals have been cancelled. Don't get on the plane unless you just want to go to Vegas and not play pool at the Rio.
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    I watch, amazed, by some of the escapes these guys (professionals) make when snookered. How do they so accurately predict where the cue ball will go? I know when I play them, it's just a somewhat guess, where these guys, even when they miss, it is almost always very very close. Is there some...
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    Who do you like commentating when watching a match? I notice in the Masters that some were just trying to put way too much drama in it seemed, almost every single shot. It got to the point, I actually turned down the sound on a couple of matches as I just couldn't take the trumped up drama any...
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    Does anyone other than myself find it mildly irritating when commentators fabricate excuses for players when they miss? Oh it was a kick, a bug on the table broke his concentration, and so forth. These guys are human beings and they miss pots that one would not think they would miss...
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    Brunswick II Pool table

    Anyone heard of a Brunswick II pool table? As RKK said the first table I looked at was junk, the Gold Crown that I was asking about to refinish has a HUGE crack in one of the slates that some hack had tried to repair, so I ran away as fast as possible. This talbe almost looks like a Gold Crown...
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    Refinishing skirt on Gold Crown

    I finally found a 9 footer in my price range ($700). It was a table that was in a college recreation room. It appears this table (I believe it is a Gold Crown II) has several coats of paint on it (looks like the first was cream, then red, now black). I wanted to strip the paint off to the bar...
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    Brunsick Century

    I may have a chance to buy a Brunswick Century. It looks almost like a commercial table, but not quite as commercial as say a Gold Crown. Anyone know anything about these tables? It is fairly old I am sure, but looks almost brand new. They really took good care of this table. Any feedback would...
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    One Pocket Rule Question

    I've played a ton of one hole over the years, but this is the first time this kind of thing every happened. You are playing a match and your opponent miscues. It's obvious the cue ball is headed for an area which will give you several easy shots. At this point the opponent takes the shaft of...
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    Brunswick Medalist Table

    I may have a chance to buy a Brunswick Medalist. Guy in the add says he is the original owner and paid $4,500 for it. Pictures though they are limited shows the table to be in really good shape. Any comments on quality of this model or price would be appreciated, good or bad. Oh, he says he...
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    Champions Snooker Houston Tx

    Has anyone visited Champions here in the Houston area? It is quite a drive for me and was just wondering if, based on the equipment and such if it would be worth it. There is a place closer, but the table is not in the best of shape, and not very level. If you have visited, please put down your...
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    Decent Snooker Cue Purchase

    I am not looking to break the bank, but am looking for a decent oiled snooker cue here in the U.S. I see several brands, but of course without being able to see them in person (looking on the net) I don't want to buy something that needs to be stripped down and oiled. Some I have seen available...
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    A Rule Question

    The other night I was watching a match online and the shooter was running the colors at the end of the game. He was shooting the green and scratched. The green he was shooting went down table about where the pink would spot. His opponent was awarded "free ball" and was able to shoot another...
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    Rule question

    I was watching the World Championship recently and there were several occasions where a player was snookered. He failed to hit the desired ball and "fouled". The referee then picked up the cue ball and placed it back to the original position, and the player again attempted to hit the desired...
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    One Pocket to Eight Ball

    Friends of mine playing cheap one hole on the nine footer. Two strangers walk in and watch for a few minutes and challenge them to a game of eight ball partners for $50 per man. My friends accept and beat them out of $300 a piece. Seems these two morons had never seen one pocket played. All they...