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    Jim Pierce Bowling Alley shaft for SALE

    Hi guys, I am looking to sell the shaft, it's been in the case after I have tested with a few racks, basically it looks like a new one but it is not. The marks on the shaft is the natural grains of the wood, it is not scratches, thanks. my shaft specs : Tip size = 13mm Tip = super pro shaft...
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    Looking for tiger icebreaker shaft 3/8x10 joint

    Hi, I'm looking for a used ice breaker shaft, prefer black collar. 5/16x18 joint would be considered too. Thanks.
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    FS Tony Bautista 2014 Amboyna Burl cue (with extension)

    SOLD Specs : Butt sleeve + forearm = Amboyna Burl with SW style ringworks handle = lizard print leather wrap Cue tip = good old pressed master or triangle (sorry, forgotten) tip size = 12.7mm joint pin = 3/8x10 joint diameter = around 0.848" cue length = 58" I am looking for SOLD shipped...
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    Bowling alley shaft to TRADE!

    it's sold, thanks.
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    Looking to sell this butt

    Sold, thanks.
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    LTB AL Bautista aka BlackPearl cue

    Hi Guys, I am looking for a AL Bautista merry widow, wrap or wrapless, weight around 18-18.5 oz. Must comes with his A1 shaft, thanks.
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    LTB Predator cue with pre cat shaft

    Hi Guys, I am looking for Predator cue with pre cat shaft, make me your offer. Thanks. :thumbup:
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    Shaft for sale 3/8x10 pin

    deleted, no longer available. Thanks.
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    Bowling Alley shaft

    Deleted, wrong section.
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    WTS BCM Playing Shaft

    Hi Guys, I have a BCM shaft for sale, just got it from Bryan few months back, it's in great condition, and IMO it rolls straight. Specs as below : 3/8x10 joint Black collar with slotted maple ring Black Kamui medium tip Tip dia = 12.8mm I am looking for $110 shipped worldwide. P/S Any...
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    WANTED A LD Shaft

    Hi Guys, I am looking for a low deflection shaft, prefer diameter around 12.5-12.7mm, 3/8x10 pin, joint diameter 0.848" . Make me an offer, thanks. :grin: Please PM all your offers, to prevent illegal bumps. Thanks. TheHulk
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    [fs] ob 128

    ~For Sale~ OB Cues Model OB128 Hello, I have a mint OB 128 for sale, I bought it on Feb 2013. It has an OB Classic shaft, everest tip, cue weight 19 oz( I don't have a scale with me, I told them my preferred weight is 19 oz, so I expect it's ). It has a couple of dings on the butt and shaft...
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    best jumper under $100

    Hi Guys, Please share me your thoughts, thanks. new or used not a problem. :grin:
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    About Dufferin Jump Cue tip

    Hi guys, I am looking to get a Dufferin jump cue, when I look at the specs it is written there the tip is Dufferin Gamma tip, but I can't get any information about it in google. Anyone know whether it is a phenolic tip or a leather tip? Any feedback regarding this jump cue? Thanks...
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    Looking to buy Q Claw for 5 cues

    As the title, looking for Q claws for 5 cues. Thanks.
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    Advice needed for a break cue

    Hello Guys, I am looking for a break cue under $100, any recommendation with that budget? Thanks. :smile:
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    FS 2nd Generation Predator Ikon 1

    Hi I have 2nd generation Ikon1 for sale, just bought it on Nov 2012, letting go because can't get use to the low deflection shaft. I bought it at $580 + original JP $17. Everything is in great condition, no blueing on the shaft, just few hours of play. I have photos of the cue, but have no idea...
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    LF Cocobolo sneaky pete for around $250

    would like to own a cocobolo sneaky, mint condition, thanks. price around $250.
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    WTB Samsara Bar Cue with leather wrap

    Hi Folks, As the subject, I am looking for a samsara bar cue with leather wrap, mint condition, pm me what you have. Thanks :smile:
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    OB1 or OB Classic?

    Hi folks, I am getting a new OB cue, but I m struggling to decide which shaft to go for btw OB1 and OB Classic. I have not hit with any of them before, and my requirement is low deflection on cue ball and strong stroke feeling. Hope you guys can advice me on this, thanks!