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  1. aplusbilliard

    Sanding Mandrels

    I'm looking for a 2 sets of 3/8 10 sanding Mandrels made. PM me with what you've got. Or email me at Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
  2. aplusbilliard

    Phillippi FOR SALE

    REDUCED!! This might be the nicest Phillippi I have ever seen or owned (3 in all ) The current unrealistic value is $4500 as outlined in the email from Rick Phillippi Highly figured birds eye maple with Ebony points & gray, natural, purple & black veneers w/ Turquoise & arrow head & diamond...
  3. aplusbilliard

    Tascarella FOR SALE

    SOLD!!!! Paid and picked up Thank you very much Hoppe Tascarella, Ivory Hoppe ring, brilliant blue veneers around Ebony points. Smooth black leather wrap & Ebony butt sleeve. Comes with a set of Ebony & Ivory capped joint protectors. I've seen a few hoppe Tascarellas on here recently...
  4. aplusbilliard

    Huebler Sneaky Pete

    Huebler Sneaky Pete for sale. This thing is in 90% condition & arrow straight. Weighs 18.65 oz and at the base of the ferrule the shaft is still 13.05mm. As you can tell by the pictures it had very little use. Asking SOLD!!!! for this gem of a cue
  5. aplusbilliard

    FOR SALE!! 5x10 Aniversery snooker table

    Some more pictures
  6. aplusbilliard

    $$$ AE Purple Heart Hoppe $$$

    Fresh from AE getting refinished and added a brand new shaft. The cue has a matching Wine colored Castillo Leathers Ostrich Leg leather wrap. This cue is smoking hot with 4 points, 4 veneers and a Hoppe Ring on the butt. The cue plays great just like every other AE Cue. Here are a few specs...
  7. aplusbilliard

    FOR SALE!! 5x10 Aniversery snooker table

    I Have FOR SALE 1 5x10 Brunswick Anniversary Snooker Table MODEL DC. In general the table is in GREAT shape and all of the rail blinds are complete and not broken (which is common with Anniversary tables) All of the castings are in great shape as well. The table looks as though it was...
  8. aplusbilliard

    Tim Scruggs Sneaky Pete

    Tim Scruggs Sneaky Pete. 1 shaft, miner nicks in finish. 19.2 oz LAST PRICE REDUCTION $550 shipped to the lower 48 Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
  9. aplusbilliard

    FS 4- 9' Gold Crown III.

    FS 4- 9' Gold Crown III. All Rosewood.... All are gully tables. Corner castings and leg levelers have new (Cooper vein) powder coating. Tables are pool Hall used but in great shape All 4 tables have 1" slate. NO "BRUNSTONE" Asking $5000 cash & carry for all 4 The attached picture is one of...
  10. aplusbilliard

    WTB Deluxe Cue Smith

    I'm looking to buy another Hightower Deluxe Cue Smith lathe. I'd prefer that it has the taper bars attached still. I'm not interested in paying retail or I'd buy a new one. I'm just looking for a back up to my other one that I travel to tournaments with. If you've got one collecting dust...
  11. aplusbilliard

    "Tex" Fitzgerald

    I have a customer that has a cue made by Tex in the early 1970's and I don't find any other information about him other than in the Burton Spain bio in the Blue book. The only thing I can think of is that he had a different name for his cues that I'm not aware of. Any assistance from people...