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  1. RobustBrad

    All in the wrist

    Had a major breakthrough this weekend in my game. I realized I was blocking my wrist and not letting it release. Added immediate breaking power and backspin on longer shots. Sent from my DROIDX using Tapatalk
  2. RobustBrad

    WTS: Wrapless Predator BK2 & Predator Air Jump

    Hey all, Have a like new wrapless Predator BK2 for sale (with joint protectors included). Butt has some very minor swirling on it from someone who put it into a dirty bag. It's so faint that I can't get it to show up on camera. Other cue is a used Predator Air Jump. It's in perfect playing...
  3. RobustBrad

    For Sale: Sneaky Pete Jump/Break

    This is a Sneaky Pete made by a member on these forums. It's been played with only about 5 times and is in like new condition. Asking $100 (firm) shipped in the US. Cheers, Brad
  4. RobustBrad

    For Sale: Cuetec R360

    Lightly Used R360. The ferrule has a few marks on it and it needs a new tip. Other than that it rolls straight and is in like new condition. This is 18.5oz. Asking $100 Shipped in the US. Cheers, Brad
  5. RobustBrad

    Practicing Safeties

    What drills do you work off of when practicing safeties? I've just been randomly throwing out a rack of 9 balls and trying to play safe on each ball. Kick shots are my weakness and I know I have to work on that more. Any drills in particular your using? Thanks, Brad
  6. RobustBrad

    Schon Pilot Question

    Would it effecect the playability if I used one as apposed to the other of these shafts on my Schon Cue? I know the second link is the Schon pilot but just wondering if it would be OK to use the other one...
  7. RobustBrad

    WTB Used BK2

    Happy New Year All, Looking to get my hands on a lightly used Predator BK2. Let me know if there are any out there. Cheers, Brad
  8. RobustBrad

    WTB Break Cue (BK2 Preferably)

    Hey All, In the market for a break cue. Looking for a used Predator BK2. May entertain offers for other cues also. Please let me know what you have. Cheers, Brad
  9. RobustBrad

    Marking Your Home Table

    Hey all, Did a search on only found a few things about marking tables. Do any of you mark your tables at home? I read a few things about using permanent marker, but am a little reluctant to do it without knowing what others are using /doing. I've seen a few tables that have the grid lines...
  10. RobustBrad

    WTB: Schon shaft

    Hey all, Looking to buy an additional shaft for my schon cue. Would like a predator but will entertain other offers as well. Needs to roll straight. Cheers, Brad Sent from my DROIDX using Tapatalk
  11. RobustBrad

    Colorado Mentors?

    Hey all, Probably a long shot but I'm looking to get into the cue building hobby. I have access to all the tools but am in need of a mentor to show me the process once or twice. I'm located in the Denver metro area and would travel if anyone was able to assist me with this. If no one is...
  12. RobustBrad

    Cue Tip Replacement (DIY or let the pro do it)

    Hello all, Quick question on cue tip replacement. I apologize if this has been brought up before, nothing came up with the search. Is this something you do yourself at home or bring your cue to a shop and let the pro handle it? I tried doing my first one myself but it came out horrible. The...
  13. RobustBrad

    WTB Solid Jump / Break cue

    Hello all, Looking to get my hands on a solid jump / break cue for around $100. Also would entertain just a break cuefor that price. Let me know what you have. Please PM me with pictures and offers. All the best, Robustbrad
  14. RobustBrad

    WTT [Golf] Mizuno T-Zoid Pro II's

    Hey All, First post here, been wandering around these boards for the last couple months picking up some great tips for my game. With that said I just bought a new set of golf clubs and have no need for two sets of irons. For trade are a set of Mizuno T-Zoid Pro II's (3-PW) which are in good...