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  1. cuechick

    Cue Shafts Will Not Attach After Getting Wet? Help!

    Both my cue shafts got wet while in my truck from a bad leak, now they won't screw onto the butt? Can this be fixed? :frown:
  2. cuechick

    Kevin Trudeau on American Greed Tonight!

    On CNBC which on Direct TV is 355, all new episode. just curious to see if they even talk about his pool exploits! 7pm Pacific so 10 pm Eastern
  3. cuechick

    Any Know about J. Neuhusen Billardfabrik from Germany?

    A friend found these very old looking cues by J. Neuhusen Billardfabrik made in Berlin. The part that screws into the shaft is wood, which I have never seen before? Any info would be great, thanks!
  4. cuechick

    What has Happened to the WPBA?

    I just saw an announcement about the regional tour championships... on the home page which is sponsored by the WPBA... Great but what is actually going on with the WPBA itself? Have they had any actual events this year or are any coming up? I see nothing on their website calendar? I know there...
  5. cuechick

    WPBA Event in Oregon ~ Why Not Stream?

    We all know the women's tour is struggling, down from 8 of 9 events a year to just 3. Not streaming one of these does not help their cause at all IMO. Streaming generates a lot of interest in an event and I would love to know why they are not doing it anymore? I did not even see a post about...
  6. cuechick

    "Gary Secone" on First 48..former "Pro"?

    I am watching an old episode of The First 48 and the first investigation is of a murder in Cincinnati of a "former professional pool player" named Gary Secone. Anyone ever hear of him? I could not find anything pool wise on him? He was 53 and the show was tapped in 2008 her is a link. (it...
  7. cuechick

    A Hard Times Travelogue

    This past weekend I played with 63 other women in the Regional Tour Championships at Hard Times. I am also a professional photographer and am currently testing a camera out for Leica. I decided to do a little homage to what I consider one of the all time great players room. I posted the story on...
  8. cuechick

    Stevie Moore Blog

    Stevie did an interview that is on Inside Pool and mentioned he just started a new blog, he is posting reports from the Derby, fun stuff.
  9. cuechick

    See What's in Jazzy's Case

    I thought this was a very cute video, her english is getting really good and the roll on powder idea is genius! Jazzy's Case
  10. cuechick

    Vote for Allison!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just got this exciting news in an email... "Congratulations to Allison Fisher who was recently nominated for the Women's Sports Foundation 2008 Sportswoman of the Year for her exemplary performance in billiards. The selection process was not an easy task this year with the consideration of...
  11. cuechick

    My Rewrite for Turn of the River Ending

    Spoiler Alert: I don't think this spoils the actual ending but read at your own risk! Instead of parking in the big empty parking lot, Karly parks across the street. They go to the bus stop but they are more discrete about it. She goes to get the donuts and as she walks back we see her son...
  12. cuechick

    "Turn the River" a review...

    I just watched it and my first impression was that it was an even higher level production than I expected. Famke Jannsen, who plays the main character, I thought was excellent and believable. The pool scenes were pretty well done with some good pool jargon thrown in. "I'm shooting lights out."...
  13. cuechick

    Robles Tour Women's Event Tournament Results?

    Wasn't there a Woman's Event this past weekend hosted by Tony's new Tour? Could some one post the results?
  14. cuechick

    Pool on ESPN2 NOW !

    On till 3pm... WPBA San Diego Classic :) I really like the addition of interviews with the players.
  15. cuechick

    Women's Grand Masters aka Pro Event at the BCA

    One of the biggest problems I have with the BCA since the new regime took over, is how they have become very lax about allowing pros back into the amateur events. Back in the day, if you had ever had any pro status on the woman's tour you could not play. And if you had qualified to play in any...
  16. cuechick

    Heads Up Vegas Bound: New Luggage Charges!

    I am flying on Delta tomorrow and just discovered today that you are now only allowed to check one bag for free. I am sure like many others, I can not fit my Cues into my suitcase and have to check my cue. So I will now have to pay an additional $50 ($25 each way). What I do not understand is...
  17. cuechick

    Go Jessie!!

    A local player, Jessie Middlebrooks has made the final 4, in Chattanooga! Beating both Shane and Larry Nevel and now facing Alex!! Such a sweet guy, I hope he goes all the way! ::knock wood!::
  18. cuechick

    2 Alison Fis(c)hers @ the Derby!

    I just saw this on the list of players, I was surprised to see Alison at the event (and she won her first match) and then to see another "Alison M Fischer"...anyone know who that is?
  19. cuechick

    US Amateur Championships Shirt & Towel

    Howdy, Not being all that sentimental, I have put up for auction the polo shirt and towel, presented to participants, last weekend. The shirt is an XL, never worn....The towel includes a clip, so you can attach it your case. Since these are exclusively for participants, who qualified into the...