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  1. !Smorgass Bored

    Heads Up

    Smorg and I are going back home to New Orleans. I got laid off from my job 3 Mondays ago. After a night of feeling sorry for myself, and crying it out of my system. I pulled the shade down and realizing it's time to act. Loosing my job and the fear of not having my Doug, my support to advise...
  2. !Smorgass Bored

    Snap Magazine collection

    Have a large collection of Snap magazines some issues are autographed by Buddy Hall, Jeanette Lee and many others. Serious inquiries only. Asking 900.00 for the collection. This did belong to Smorg and they were treated with the respect they deserved by him. Barbara
  3. !Smorgass Bored

    Thank you on behalf of Smorg

    Hi I have had issues getting back in here since my last post. I wanted to be here the day of Dougs birthday so I could thank everyone for remembering him, that did not happen......So here I am today, and thank you for the rep what a nice gift to him. I went out to the dollar store and bought a...
  4. !Smorgass Bored

    Happy Birthday To John Barton-Huang

    I'd like to wish John a very Happy 41st Birthday. I'd also like to thank him for his Instroke cases, Bungee Jump cues, his new line of JB Cases and his participation on AZB. I hope that your birthday is a memorable one. Thanks, Doug
  5. !Smorgass Bored

    The Best Pool Shot Ever.... imo

    I saw a thread buried in the NPR Forum by JAM and thought I'd post this here, in hopes that she might move her post (or a link) here. I wrote this post almost 6 years ago in a land far away and some may have seen it then, but most have not. <insert flashback music Here>...
  6. !Smorgass Bored

    The Oldest Poolroom In Florida

    I haven't read this here yet but, Bakers Billiards in downtown Tampa closed after many years. After a brief stint as a gay club, it failed. Robby (the previous owner) has now RE-opened Bakers Billiards. Doug (Welcome Back, Bakers) imo
  7. !Smorgass Bored

    Chicken Chit Move Or Not ?

    Crawfish says that players have been conceding balls in 10 tournament underway on UStream. So, Russell Sasser misses the 8 ball and 'Hilbilly' Bryant has b.i.h. and with the score tied 1-1, he scratches on the 10 ball, leaving it in the center of the table. Russell rakes the 10 and racks the...
  8. !Smorgass Bored

    The Whole Joint Got Hustled

    An oldie, but a goodie, posted by me almost 12 years ago in RSB. This is for the young uns: I made up the name SONRA (using an 8 ball as the 'O') when Billy Songy and Billy Rainey were preparing to open a lounge/poolroom in New Orleans (Kenner). On any given night, you might find a who's who...
  9. !Smorgass Bored

    The JB "Smorgass Bored" Tribute Case

    I have it on good authority that due to a huge outcry from poolplayers wordwide, JB will soon be releasing a line of Smorgass Bored cases. These cases will be 'similar' to the cases that he now manufactures, except that they will include pockets on the 'other side' of the case from the current...
  10. !Smorgass Bored

    "Short Bus" Russ

    "Short Bus" Russ is back from two years of a civiclian contract work in Iraq and has $200,000 burning a hole in his pocket. It was quicky pointed out to me that he was seen making the rounds in local rooms 'looking for tournaments'. It doesn't take much fishing skill at all to reel him in...
  11. !Smorgass Bored

    Eddie Wheat's Stuation Is Serious

    This is no laughing matter.... imo
  12. !Smorgass Bored

    Eddie Wheat's Stuation Is Serious

    Deleted duplicate post.....
  13. !Smorgass Bored

    Another Poolroom Closes After 20 Years

    I awoke to a story on local TV about another poolroom closing locally. West Coast Billiards is the room that Billy Miles plays out of. There was a recent thread inquiring about Billy's speed. There are some interesting pool statistics at the bottom of the article...
  14. !Smorgass Bored

    Happy Birthday Hal Houle (it rhymes with Pool)

    Happy 87th Birthday Hal. Thanks for your tireless efforts to help poolplayers over the years. I hope that you are well today and able to gum some cake & ice cream. :) I know that you're nearing 90, but I wanted to include a link that would allow you to remember back to when you were in your...
  15. !Smorgass Bored

    When I Die

    When I die, I want to be cremated along with my pool cue and a deck of cards and have my ashes placed in an urn. I'm trying to decide on an Inscription for my urn. Doug
  16. !Smorgass Bored

    Poll Test

    Blah, blah, blah
  17. !Smorgass Bored

    Cues, Cases, Tippers, Tappers, Shapers, Papers and Capers

    I've often wondered what I would do with all my pool 'stuff' now that I no longer play pool and I think that I've stumbled upon the answer. I'm going to have sex. Apparently, all that is required are toys. I have all my pool 'stuff'...
  18. !Smorgass Bored

    Has This Been Posted Here ????

    I don't know if this has been posted here or not, but here's a heads up just in case it hasn't: Doug "You are bidding on an extremely rare...
  19. !Smorgass Bored

    Any Update On The 1-Pocket Event At Hammer Heads ?

    Any word on Dan Lavoie's One-Pocket tournament today ? How many players ? Updates on James Roberts, Tony Crosby, Donnie Mills, Dan Lavoie, Rons The One, etc. ? Doug
  20. !Smorgass Bored

    Calcutta 'Information'

    I was telling JoeyA. my thoughts on Calcuttas and the information given during the bidding process last night and he told me that I should post it I am. The person running the calcutta might be heard to say, "The next player up for bid is Mr. World Beater. He is a previous U.S. Open...