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    John Davis blank **Giveaway** price getting out of pool

    I have a john davis blank. It is designed to be wrapped, I believe "full splice"?? Beautifully done in titlist colors. Price is 280.00 shipped in my mint 4x8 case. Lacewood into straight grain maple w/ matching end "butt" piece. SOLD.
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    Out of billiards cue sale

    I am done, my eyesight because of my health is shot. I can no longer play well enough for it to be fun. I need some help getting rid of my last cues, and have priced accordingly. I need the cash also so please don't take advantage of an already good thing. Thanks, and here is cue 1. 7 hills...
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    Lee Peppers Ebony & BEM Hoppe 4-veneers

    I have a Lee Peppers for sale. The shaft is amazing........I mean really amazing. Did not sell on ebay, but has got a bid now. See link if interested. 4 point 4 veneer 15.3 3.7 19.0 13mm
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    Olney BEM w/ Cocobolo sleeve titanium

    I have a Jeff Olney for sale. Priced right at shipped and insured. The shaft on this cue is amazing and it plays absolutely lights out. I am slowly getting out of billiards because of health affecting my vision and I just cannot play the way I was able to up until now. Here is the link to specs...
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    Olney Wrapless Pao Ferro & Bloodwood I have a Jeff Olney wrap less in new condition. It is Pao Ferro w/ Blood wood handle. It has buck horn joint and 3/8" G-10 pin. This cue is amazing and you do not have to wait to get one built. It has a...
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    Let's try this Olney FS

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    Jeff Olney Wrapless

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    WTS Sailor cue with 2 original shafts 500.00

    I have for sale a sailor cue. I believe this is older as the pin is not machined like the newer ones. Butt 15.6 shafts 1) 3.9 oz 12.6 mm 2) 3.9 oz 12.6 mm 1 shaft is straight and the other has a non issue minor taper roll. Nothing comes close to leaving table. This is a honest very...
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    Brunswick Willie Hoppe Pro. EARLY EARLY

    I believe this to be a very early Hoppe with Ivory. I am using the label to date it and looking at the sig. in the label. Closed "P" and Beginning of "W" in Willie has small swoop. Online shows it as 1940-1945????????. Someone maybe knows more please chime in. Never turned, it is huge and almost...
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    Here is a new Schon with I think an Implex joint? It looks like a STL 3 but with a different pin. It was built using a 3/8 Brass radial pin. I am wondering if anyone has seen one? Goes together nice and tight like most radials. This is going to play a ton, and I am going to shoot with it today...
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    Huebler EH-2 Laser straight and inexpensive

    Huebler Laser straight and inexpensive I have a Huebler. This cue is laser straight with a new Lepro tip. Honestly, this cue looks like it was never used. I cannot find a mark on it and it looks NOS. I do not have a scale, so let's call it 18.5. Priced to sell FIRM at 150.00 shipped. YES YES...
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    Predator 314 Pre-Cat shaft 5/15 x 14

    It will need a tip. Very Very Very slight taper roll. Joint does not come close to leaving table. Priced to sell at 150.00 shipped. FIRM and no trades.
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    Looking For Tad Tribute PJ with TAD rings and

    Like it says, looking for a maple plain jane with Tad rings. In the 18.5-19.5 range.
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    Schon CX-02 with Predator 314 shaft

    Schon CX-02 NOW BUTT ONLY Schon CX-02 butt only. 5/16 x 14 thread. Butt rolls straight. Cue has a spot where the finish lifted a tiny bit. You cannot feel anything. It is located opposite the Schon logo, and is the size of a @ symbol. Very nice cue. Priced right at SOLD shipped. Predator...
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    Gorgeous McDermott 1987 4 veneer sharp

    There was a thread about this cue on here before. It is the 1987 Lucky 13. The story was it was part of a promo where if a dealer bought 12 cues, they would receive this free. I contacted Jaime at McDermott and asked him about and he could not find any documentation about it. He also said that...
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    Be very afraid

    Here is a link to 3 shafts for sale on Ebay ending in just under 30 minutes. I bought these and just sent them back 2 days after receiving them. Here is what was wrong with them. The fact that he re listed them before even getting them back from me and did a 24 hour auction is fishy enough but...
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    F/S McDermott C-1 Original and D-2

    I have a 1980-1984 McDermott C-1 in very good / Excellent condition, and a D-2 for sale. While the C-1 is in about 90% + condition, the D-2 is in 95% to 98% condition. Both have weight bolts installed. If you want to inquire about a cue I have for sale, do it through PM, as answering questions...
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    John Davis blanks

    I have 2 J. Davis blanks that are not going to be built anytime soon, so I am going to list them. These are designed to be wrapped, with the handle being spliced. Price is 280.00 EACH shipped in lower 48, and 300.00 to Alaska or Hawaii. Postal M.O. or Paypal +3%. Each comes with a matching piece...
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    John Davis Blanks 2 for $560.00 Shipped

    I have 2 John Davis Blanks for sale. I will sell the blanks seperate for 280.00 each. I am not looking for trades. PRICE IS FIRM, and Priority mail shipping is included to lower 48. Slightly higher to AK or HI. Each blank includes a matching piece of wood for the butt. Pics do not show how...
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    2 John Davis Blanks F/S

    I have 2 J. Davis blanks that are not going to be built anytime soon, so I am going to list them. These are designed to be wrapped, as the handles are also spliced. Price is 315.00 EACH shipped in lower 48, and 320.00 to Alaska or Hawaii. Postal M.O. or Paypal +3%. Each comes with a matching...