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    Bryon Fisher passing

    I don't know if anyone has posted this or not. Jessica Fridders just posted on Facebook that our good friend Bryan Fisher has passed away. Our condolances go out to the Fisher family and Jessica and Jarrod. RIP Bryan. Pat Diveney
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    Billed Twice

    I don't write much on here so bare with my spelling. This is something for the cue repair people to watch for. I got a email from Atlas Billiards yesterday that I had two unpaid tickets from December of last year. I thought it was strange that it took them this long to spot this. I had paid all...
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    Stolen Capone on Ustream

    If you go to Ustream you can see a guy name Gus Briseno using the Capone cue that was stolen from us in LasVegas at the BCA tournament. There is a guy name Brad with him that stold it. They are playing in Tempte Arizona. Pat Diveney
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    Pool tournament

    Has anyone heard of a upcoming no masters tournament in Chillocothe Missouri? Wife said she heard it on the radio but never got the date or where it was going to be held. Butterflycues
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    Atlanta tournament

    When is the Dawn Hopkins event in Atlanta? Butterflycues
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    cue maker

    Can anyone give me any info about a cue maker name Rick Dellera from Hawaii. I have one of his cues in my shop. It is made of curly Koa. Nice wood. Just curious what it is worth and what his cues go for. Butterflycues.
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    Antique table slates

    Does any one have a set of slates for an 9 foot Brunswick antique table for sale. Butterflycues
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    River City Open

    Who won? Does any one know? Butterflycues
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    River City Open

    I attended the River City Open in Peoria Ill this weekend and Thought it was one of the best tournaments that I have been to in a long time. I think this tournament is going to do nothing but get bigger and better. With tournaments like the Derby being pissed away it is nice to know we have some...
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    Vendor info for Derby

    Can someone give me the contact info for a vendor booth at the Derby classic? Butterflycues
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    unique products pantograph

    I am selling this for a friend. It comes with paterns. 1000.00 or best offer. Butterflycues
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    Can anyone tell me if they still make Ivorex ferruls anymore. If so, where I can buy them. Butterflycues
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    Iowa State Tournament

    For those who don't know about the Iowa State tournament that will take place next week April 9 - 13 in Davenport Ia at the river center, plan to attend. There is a proam ran in conjuntion with the Iowa State pool players association amatuer tournament. Diveney Cues will be paying an additional...
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    Has any one heard anything out of the Olatha tournament? Butterflycues
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    Unique wrap fixture

    When I was at the Windy City open some scum bag on Saturday night stoled my leather wrap fixture. I'm pritty sure I know who but can't prove it so if anyone in the surrounding area is talking about getting a new wrap fixture and all of a sudden can put on a decent wrap. Let me know please. Pat...
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    Chester Krick Passing

    I regret to inform our friends in the pool world of the passing of my good friend and mentor Chester Krick. I will greatly miss his almost daily calls and conversations with him. He taught me a lot of techniques in cue building. He was the one who taught me how to build forearms. Before I...
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    lost or Stolen

    Just a heads up. One of my shooters, James Barcks sent a cue to someone on the East coast and Mail Box ect. apparently lost it. It is a natural birdseye Merrywidow with snakewood stitch rings. The finish had broken loose on the shaft joints from riding up against my chuck on my repair lathe. No...
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    joint loosening

    I have a customer who I made a radial pin cue with and ivory joint for. He says after he shoots with it for a while the joint loosens up and he has to tighten it. Has anyone had this problem or know of anyone who did and if so what did they do for it? One of his friends said that this is common...
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    Tiger Everest and Sniper

    Does anyone know if there is a glue side to these tips. I install them but one side has a letter stamped in it and the other side looks to be raw leather (no finish). Just want to install them properly. Butterflycues
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    antique table slate

    Does anyone out there know where I can find a set of slate for an antique 9 foot Brunswick table. I have a customer who has a table but the slate is junk. Butterflycues