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    ABR 2Nite: The New GCVI - Q&A With Brunswick

    Join us for a Q & A session about the new table with 20-year Brunswick designer and engineer; Ted Caron. Merry Christmas to all from American Billiard Radio :cool: Listen now:
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    ABR 2Nite: The Great 2017 Dreamcrusher: Johan, Hatch, Dominguez, Filler

    This Year's Mosconi Cup ended with a decisive European victory, and a lot of shocked American fans. What went wrong in the U.S. camp? Join us for a discussion about the disappointing results with Team USA coach Johan Ruysink, Dennis Hatch and Oscar Dominguez. Also hear from the young European...
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    ABR Special Report: Day 3 Damage Report

    Discussion and analysis of the day 3 roller-coaster ride of Mosconi Cup 2017 with Jeremy Jones and Ted Lerner Listen Now:
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    ABR 2Nite: The Final Countdown

    With only 4 days remaining, will Team USA be ready for the battle that lies ahead? Team USA member Oscar Dominguez believes they are. Join us for a chat with Oscar, and author Melinda Bailey, only on American Billiard Radio. Listen now:
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    ABR 2Nite: Woodward and Hatch Get Drilled

    Johan has Sky and Dennis doing things they've never done before... Listen now:
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    ABR 2Nite: Coach Johan and Billy Thorpe

    The Mosconi Cup Countdown Has Begun. Join us this week for a chat with Johan, and the youngest U.S. team member in the history of the event, Billy Thorpe. Melinda Bailey discusses the differences between male and female tournament directors. Listen now:
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    ABR Tonight: U.S. Gains New H.O.F.

    As the American Straight Pool Championship battles forward, promoter Peter Burrows provides an update on the epic event thus far. The new Wisconsin Billiards Hall of Fame founder Jon Kramer discusses the origin of their new organization. Author Melinda Bailey chats with Mr. Bond about her...
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    Thank You Jerry Forsyth of AZBilliards

    Please join us in thanking Jerry for all those years of documenting our favorite games and players, and for helping create this outstanding website. Thank you Jerry for all the photos, and the stories, and the tips, and the commentary, and for representing the sport well in the public's eye...
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    ABR 2Nite: American Dream: Appleton to enter BCA HOF

    THIS WEEK: The American Dream: Darren Appleton Enters BCA HOF Join us for a chat with multi-world title holder Darren Appleton, who will soon enter the Billiard Congress of America Hall of Fame. Pool author Melinda Bailey discusses the trending pool "action" in the Dallas/Fort Worth area...
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    ABR Special Report: Team USA Prepares For Battle

    Join us for a chat with the Team USA coaches from their secret training bunker in Marietta, Georgia, as the Atlantic Challenge Cup countdown begins and the junior team prepares to wage war. Featuring: Allison Fisher, Johnny Archer, Earl Munson, Michael Panozzo, Skip Nemecek, Mark Cantrill, David...
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    ABR 2Nite: Is Dechaine Retired?

    Join us this week for a chat with the American pro Mike Dechaine as he discusses his career and his future plans. On the opposite end of the continent, Chris Swart joins us from California to give us the low-down on this year's West Coast Swing. Listen now:
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    ABR 2Nite: Who Doesn't Feel The Pressure?

    It looms over you. It creeps into you.*It's inescapable.*Or is it? Author Melinda Bailey addresses the pressure of competition, and how to deal with it. Mark Cantrill introduces the new apparel company responsible for this year's World Cup of Pool and World Games uniforms for the U.S. Listen...
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    ABR 2Nite: The Behrmans Are Back

    Tonight we chat with the Behrman family about their new event, being held in honor of Barry. Brandon Shuff talks about representing the U.S. this year at the World Pool Games being held in Poland in July. Guess who else died this weekend? Alfredo DeOro George B. Sutton Mark Twain Prince Oh...
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    ABR 2Nite: Players vs Fans

    Tonight Melinda Bailey and Mr. Bond discuss the "distraction factor" of spectatorship. Mark Cantrill and Darren Appleton bring us up to speed on the WPS and current events. Listen Now:
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    ABR 2Nite: Wolf on the Prowl

    Tonight join us for a chat with the upcoming pool animal Shane Wolford, after taking his 5th junior title win in 7 years. Can you hear the howl? Alison Fischer updates us live from the WPS event with Ted Lerner. Listen now:
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    ABR 2Nite: The Skinny On Slim

    Join us this week for a chat with long-time goodwill ambassador and HOF nominee; "Okinawa Slim". Melinda Bailey joins us for a discussion of self-awareness and mistake diagnosis. Meanwhile, SBE rages forth Listen now:
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    ABR 2Nite: Pool Heaven On Earth

    Tonight we hear from pool legend Allen Hopkins as he prepares to launch his 25th Super Billiards Expo, the largest gathering of players and fans in the country. Mark Cantrill and Johnny Archer discuss this year's Mosconi Cup race and the rankings thus far. And nobody said anything bad about...
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    ABR 2Nite: Coast to Coast Action

    From Rhode Island to Wisconsin to Louisiana to California, the heart of American pool is beating strong and loud. Tonight we hook up with Ed Liddawi and Alison Fischer for an update on the East coast action, with Daniel Busch giving us a run-down of the West coast hot spots. We'll also be joined...
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    ABR 2Nite: Scott Frost and a Pile of Money

    Tonight we welcome back Mark Cantrill as he talks with Scott Frost about his recent TV appearance, his new pool hall, and his upcoming big-money-match against Dennis Orcullo. Listen now:
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    ABR 2Nite: Billy The Kid Shoots Lights Out

    Nobody saw him coming, and like a bandit in the night, he left the building with all the cash. Tonight Mr. Bond chats with the newest and youngest ever Derby City Classic one-pocket title winner, Billy Thorpe. Listen now: