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    15TH ANNIVERSARY PETE TONKIN 1 OF 10. SHAFT 1: 12.9MM, 3.9oz. 29inch SHAFT 2: 12.9MM, 4.0oz. 29inch BUTT: 15.6oz, 29inch. 3/8x10 MOD. Matching joint protectors. Butt without weight is 14.8oz. All white is 🐘 an shafts to. Unknown tips on them. Cue is in pristine condition. 8.5k shipped OBO.
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    Original pre cat 314?

    Yea I sent it back. Joint looks like it was different thread an they drilled it out an retapped it for 3/8 but they off drilled it an joint don't line up with my cue an it was off bad.
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    Original pre cat 314?

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    Original pre cat 314?

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    Original pre cat 314?

    So I bought a predator 314. When I got it looks literally almost new. Feels like my 314 3 when I got it has that fake laminate feel an the center hole is drilled way off. Could it been a fake replica?
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    Pm sent
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    15th Anniversary Pete Tonkin

    Cue was built in 2018. In excellent condition. Comes with 2 shafts. Matching JP's. Both shafts are 29inch an weigh 4.0 oz an butt weighs 15.8. 1oz of weight is added. An 29inch also. 3/8x 10 pin. Has very little use. 9k$ shipped. OBO.
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    When Using the Term ‘Cheap Sets’ - How much $/Set Does That Mean?

    Boy yall can bring some subjects up😆
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    Sold Predator Urbain dark grey 3x5 case

    It's a 3shafts, 5Butts. Doesn't have any rips or tears. Really good shape. *Sold*
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    Tonkin 45th anniversary 1 of 10

    I been playing with it. Plays good
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    Tonkin 45th anniversary 1 of 10

    Yeah I finally got a hold of him he said if he made it today it'd be 15k to make.
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    Tonkin 45th anniversary 1 of 10

    Always the bitches like this☝️
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    Need help with info!!!

    Well it's his 45th anniversary cue got in a trade. He said if he built one today it'd be 15k. I'm just gonna play with it.
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    Need help with info!!!

    I got a pete tonkin cue on a trade decided to play with it but need to add 1oz to weigh same as my cue. What threads is the butt of cue?
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    Tonkin Anniversary

    This sell. I've come across same exact cue in a trade trying to see what it's worth.
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    Pete Tonkin 15th Anniversary Cue

    Old post but got I got same identical cue in 15th anniversary edition trying to see what it's worth
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    Tonkin 45th anniversary 1 of 10

    Trying to see what this cue is worth. Has 2 shaft matching joints. Perfect condition. Got in a trade.
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    Looking for a 314 predator or z shaft prefer 3rd generation an has to be 3/8x10. Length don't matter
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    WTB: 3/8x10 Z shaft

    New or used doesn't matter or tip. If used must be in good condition.
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    Simonis shark grey cloth

    I've looked on both