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    1996 Scruggs for sale

    1996 Tim Scruggs ebony with birds eye maple forearm with green/yellow/green/black veneers. SST piloted joint 5/16-14 pin. Butt is 15.6 oz, shaft 1 is 12.6 at 4.0 oz and shaft 2 is 13.0 at 4.1 oz. Black with green linen wrap. $1800 delivered conus.
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    Buying a house, cues have to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just purchased a house and need the cash. cues are: COKER 2005 $500 shipped conus 6 point (3 hi 3 low) white/green/white into ebony black/white linen wrap 29" butt and shafts butt 15.7oz shaft 1 13.2 at 3.7oz shaft 2 13.0 at 3.6oz 3/8-10 pin BLUEGRASS 2003 $1050 shipped conus cocobola...
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    Buying a house, cues have to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Cue Id

    Can't find it in the 3rd addition Blue book. Looks like a Adams/Helmstetter. Has a 5/16-18 pin. No logo anywhere. Butt cap may have been replaced.
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    lucasi quick release

    Is the Lucase quick release a standard Uni-Loc. What is the size and pitch of the large thread. Appears to be a 3/8-8 but hard to tell because there is only a couple of threads. Want to make shaft insert from phenolic because the brass one is crapped up.
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    Pawn shop find

    Here is a well made sneekie with a 3/8-10 piloted shaft. Nice maple forearm and the logo in the point. Found in Dallas, don't recognize the logo. Any one out there know who is the maker?
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    Inlay designs

    Where can you find images that can be vectorized to use for inlays in cues. Using bobart, the scanned image has to be very good inorder to clean up the vectorized image. I can scan at 4800dpi, but the image being scaned is not good enough. What do you guys use? The looks of some of the inlays...
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    F/S made by the maker of Deano's

    Only test hit, 4 point cocobola into birds eye maple, with stained birds eye handle and cocobola butt with brown phenolic joint and butt cap. 3/8-10 pin. Has stitched rings at a,b,c,d of ebony and maple. Cue weighs 19.2 oz. One shaft with Moori medium tip. Butt and shaft are 29 in. ea. Roll...
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    For sale shurtz 06

    Newly refinished and wrapped with black lizard print. Shurtz 06 year, 6 point, 3 high,3 low of thuya burl into ebony nose, butt sleeve thuya burl with hoppe ring, not ivory. Flat laminated shaft, 12.6 mm, by 28 3/4 long at 4.2 oz. Butt is 29 long at 14.1 oz. Can be adjusted via 3/8-16 weight...
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    F/s cam cue

    Newly refinished Cam cue. 29 in. butt and shaft, weight is 20.4 oz. Shaft is 12.85 and is 3.5 oz. Radial pin. Rings at a,b,c,d. Rolls straight together and apart. Bacote no points. $250 delivered in us.
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    FS Helmstetter 86-06

    sold have a great day!